January, 2021
President's Message
Over the past four months we were excited to open three new Group Supported Employment locations. Through them we are currently offering employment opportunities in settings outside of ASPIRO for 12 people each day. This is a great way for people to try different work experiences with the full time onsite support of ASPIRO staff.

One group of our employees was very proud to return from their work day feeling they were a part of history. They were given the remarkable opportunity to assemble and package the 59th Presidential Commemorative Inaugural Coin. I’m often struck by the amazing things that companies in Brown County quietly produce and this is certainly one of them. Metalcraft Mint not only struck this beautiful coin for the inauguration, they also designed and produced inaugural medals for President Trump, President Barack Obama, and President George W. Bush. We are very proud to be partners with such a remarkable organization. 

Some of you may remember that ASPIRO also made scarves for the inauguration of President Obama. We are very proud of our tradition of supporting this country in exciting ways like these but also in less exciting but very impactful ways such as manufacturing coveralls for the United States military.  

Lincoln Burr
We're In!
Give BIG Green Bay is a 24-hour online giving event (from noon on February 16 to noon on February 17) supporting 45 local non-profits and ASPIRO is one of them! A grant from the Green Bay Packers Foundation will help every dollar you donate go further. Watch for more details in the coming weeks.
ASPIRO is participating in Shine Bright for your Team by turning our exterior lights green and yellow in support of our Green Bay Packers. You can too! Click below to learn more.
Clancy Caper Golf Classic
For the last 45 years, the Clancy Caper Classic welcomed thousands of people to a day of friendly competition in support of ASPIRO. However, time changes all things. This year, the Clancy Caper Classic will be retired. We are thankful for all the people who have golfed and/or sponsored the event over the years, but we are most thankful for the Clancy family. Only once in a while is the impact of a family felt over four decades. They are forever in ASPIRO's story. Now, as Ben Hogan once stated, "the important shot in golf is the next one." ASPIRO's next chapter is just beginning.
Upcoming Dates
Dennis Rasmussen Memorial Bowl-A-Thon
May 8
We want to get back on the lanes! At this time we hope to return for the Dennis Rasmussen Memorial Bowl-A-Thon on May 8, but will continue to monitor our community's COVID-19 rates. If necessary, we may postpone until fall.
Scrip Deadlines
January 22
February 5
February 19