July, 2020
President's Message
ASPIRO started providing residential services in 1995 in order to extend support to two people who were ready to explore independent living options. Over the 25 years that followed, we are proud to say we have supported over 80 people as they lived independently and developed new skills and capabilities.

Over the past decade ASPIRO has realized significant losses in operating the program. During that same timeframe, other organizations have gained widespread respect as they developed an array of new residential services in Brown County as their core competency.

At this time ASPIRO must focus on our core competencies in a matter that is financially responsible and viable. To do this, we will be transitioning out of providing residential services.  We will work closely with our residential staff to provide referrals to other residential employers. We will also work hand in hand with client families, the MCOs and care teams to ensure continuity and quality care for our clients as they transition to other experienced and professional providers.

ASPIRO isn’t saying good bye to these clients as many of them receive other ASPIRO services and all will be grandfathered into our after-hours recreation activities when they resume.

As with all our decisions, this was not made lightly. The health of the organization to provide superior services to over 1,400 clients and families is, and always will be, one of our top priorities.

Thank you.
Lincoln Burr
Tastes & Toasts Online Auction
We're social distancing! This year ASPIRO's signature Tastes & Toasts event will be an online auction only with the opportunity for anyone to participate! Watch for additional announcement in the coming months.
Cat & Bird
Led by ASPIRO's Art Therapist, clients created renditions of Peter Klee's 1928 painting, Cat & Bird . Click below to learn about the meaning behind the painting and see other client renditions.
No Limits Week
New events added!
No Limits is a collaboration of the largest disability service agencies in the Green Bay area: ASPIRO, CP and Curative Connections.

No Limits Week is an opportunity to show people that having a disability isn't a limitation on being an active part of the community. Join us as we defy limits, support local, give back, and celebrate each other.
Unmasked: A Socially Distant Photo Shoot
When your clients are so amazing they deserve their own magazine cover. Check out our Facebook page for more client magazine covers.

Note: All clients were photographed individually, outdoors and the photographer was 6+ feet away. Clients removed their own mask for the shoot and replaced it afterwards.
Upcoming Dates
No Limits Week
July 27-31
Thank you to our sponsors: Wisconsin Knights of Columbus, Schreiber, American National Bank, Kimberly Clark Cares, and Nicolet National Bank
Festival Foods Brat Barn
August 14
Support ASPIRO and take the night off from cooking!
Location: Festival Foods West Mason Street