September, 2020
President's Message
With this year’s cold and flu season right around the corner, we are asking all our employees as well as our clients, their families, and caregivers to closely monitor their health as they determine if they should spend time at ASPIRO. The protocols we have put in place have assisted us in mitigating the risk of spread at ASPIRO, but the first line of defense will always be self-monitoring. This becomes more complex as the cold and flu season begins. It is important to get to know the signs and symptoms, commonalities and dissimilarities between the common cold, the flu, seasonal allergies and the Coronavirus. This chart outlines some of those distinctions.  

While we will continue to monitor for symptoms at work, the best line of defense is for people who are not feeling well to stay home and heal. 
Medical professionals are recommending that we continue practicing the protective measures that have become so routine these past months; handwashing, mask wearing, and social distancing among them. We also ask that everyone consider getting vaccinated for the flu this year. While we know that the flu shot won’t protect us from contracting COVID-19, it may put us in a better position to fight it.  

Lincoln Burr
Tastes & Toasts
The Tastes & Toasts auction is just a month away so it is time to share a few of the items that will be up for bid. This year's event requires no ticket; everyone is welcome to participate. If you register to bid before October 18 you will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Meijer gift card.
Brats & Booyah Drive Thru
Booyah (2 quart container) - $15
Only 35 containers available! Be sure to pre-order below!
Brats - $3
Also available: Uncle Mike's Kringle coupon cards, scrip and receipt drive. Click here for event flyer.
This phrase has never rung more true. At ASPIRO our weekly fishing excursions have never been about the fish. They are about the experience, accomplishment and camaraderie. We have never felt these things more deeply than now. After time away from each other we cherish them even more. #ThisIsASPIRO