December, 2020
President's Message
Historically, ASPIRO has offered two types of employment opportunities for people with disabilities. The first type is what we call “prevocational employment”. The goal of the program is to teach general work skills. Typically people will work at one of our buildings completing work we do for another company. The second type is what we call “competitive integrated employment” or “supported employment”. In this program, we help someone find work outside of ASPIRO; supporting them as much or as little as they need. Since we started our competitive integrated employment program in 1988 we have found nearly 1000 people jobs all across this region.

One of our goals for 2020 was to expand our employment service offerings to include something new called “Group Supported Employment” or GSE. In GSE, we find a host company that needs employees and we bring a work crew to the company along with a full time job coach. This kind of employment does not preclude someone from working simultaneously in a prevocational setting nor does it inhibit someone from seeking a job in competitive integrated employment. GSE is often an effective bridge as people move from one kind of employment to another. I’m very excited to announce that over the past few months we have opened two new GSE locations and we plan to add another today! Each of the sites we add will be unique. The goal is to allow people to try different work experiences so they can discover their passion. To learn more about group supported employment click below.

Project SEARCH Virtual Open House
Learn about Project SEARCH, meet the instructor, skills trainer and career specialist, see the training room and hear from interns and families.
When: Thursday, January, 2021
Where: Online via Zoom
Time: 30 minute times slots
5:30 - 6:00 pm
6:00 - 6:30 pm
6:30 - 7:00 pm
7:00 - 7:30 pm
RSVP to Jessica Klemens to choose a time slot.
920-593-4353 or
In memory and honor of the present and former clients we lost this year.
Kathy Wall
James "Jimmy" Pryes
Daniel (Danny) Mocarski
Steven Van Den Busch
Zachary Salewski
Linda Fonder
Lee Thomasma
Barbara Boncher
Wendy LaPlant
Frank Reynen
Bob Simington
Estelle Meyer
Steve Sommerfledt
Basil Miner
Averi Couzzo 
Benjamin Almy
Craig Hayes
Helen Hopfensperger
Patricia (Patty) Treutinger
Tina Prenevost
ASPIRO Wish List
You can personalize your gift giving by choosing exactly how you support ASPIRO. On the current wishlist you'll find art supplies and games as we are going through these items quickly because they offer activities for individuals or small groups as we continue to socially distance our programming. You'll also find items that will be used for clients to practice skills for employment like, grocery bagging, shelf stocking and cashiering.
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Holiday Schedule
ASPIRO will be closed on the following dates:
Thursday, December 24
Friday, December 25
Thursday, December 31
Friday, January 1
January Virtual Classes
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Watch for communication on the class offerings for virtual services.