February, 2020
A friend recently shared this quote with me and it struck a chord. As someone who has spent his life working with people with disabilities I’ve come to recognize that one of the worst things we do is try to “fix” people. Disabilities are a natural part of the human condition. As we age we all begin to recognize that first hand. 

Sadly, when it comes to people with intellectual disabilities, we often impose our values and beliefs upon them - trying to form them into someone they never said they wanted to be. For decades this has been the modus operandi of elected officials, the bureaucracy, the paid advocates and many service providers. Our job isn’t to fix people; our job is to give people great experiences so they can do great things. For this reason ASPIRO is working hard to create new connections all across Brown County for recreation as well as employment. If you want someone to find a dream job or discover a hidden talent, you have to allow them to experience things in a variety of ways and with a variety of people. 

Our job is to help people set their own goals and then help them discover how to reach those goals. When someone charts their own course the conflict disappears and we can appreciate them just the way they are.

The ASPIRO Core Values
Respect . We engage people with dignity and respect. We view disability as part of the human experience.
Choice . We believe one size does not fit all. We support the choices people make to live happy, fulfilling lives.
Relationships . We nurture relationships with others. Our interactions are honest, supportive and full of integrity.
The Little Things . We do the little things that make a big difference. We go the extra mile to provide the very best in all we do.

Lincoln Burr
Art Exhibit
ASPIRO's Art Therapy program will have an exhibit at Bay Park Square Mall. Forty-five client-created pieces will be on display in the former Gymboree store windows. Join us for an opening reception on Monday, March 2 between 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm.
Registration Closing Soon!
The deadline to order a 10th Anniversary Dennis Rasmussen Memorial Bowl-A-Thon t-shirt is Friday, February 28. This year's t-shirt color is maroon.
HoopsMania is Back!
All HoopsMania proceeds benefit the Dennis Rasmussen Memorial Bowl-A-Thon
HoopsMania is an exciting sweepstakes fundraiser based on college basketball’s national championship tournament in March. Your sweepstakes game card contains 8 random college basketball teams that will play in the tournament (you get 2 teams from each region).  No two game cards have the same 8 teams and each game card has a 1 in 19 chance of winning! Top prize is $500!

Game cards are $10 each with $7 of each sale coming back to ASPIRO. Click here to learn more.
The Turn
ASPIRO clients take on the interactive gaming simulators at The Turn choosing from eight interactive experiences, including the popular Topgolf target game, Zombie Dodgeball, Hockey Shots, Baseball Pitching, Carnival Classic and more.
Upcoming Dates
Staff vs. Client Basketball Game
March 5
The highly anticipated game of the year is almost here! Tip off is at 5:30!
Scrip Deadlines
March 6
March 20
Support ASPIRO with your everyday purchases and gift giving.
Lots of Socks Day
March 20
ASPIRO will be supporting World Down Syndrome Day (officially on 3/21) with #LotsOfSocks on Friday March 20. Wear your craziest, mismatched socks to ASPIRO.