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August 2018

Summer months have brought with them a significant number of wildfires in the west (with more throughout the U.S.), flooding events in the east, and heat waves throughout. As Hurricane Lane sets its sights on Hawaii, and you and your colleagues gear up for National Preparedness Month, we encourage you to visit ASPR’s 2018 Hurricane Response and Recovery page and our ASPR TRACIE-Developed Resources page, where you can find stories from the field in archived issues of The Exchange (e.g., Issue 6 focuses on evacuating hospitals in the midst of wildfires and hurricane-related flooding). You can also check out our Natural Disasters and Healthcare Facility Evacuation/Sheltering Topic Collections to help bolster your planning and response efforts.


This issue of The Express highlights new ASPR TRACIE resources, upcoming events, and domain updates.

New! Going with No Flow: Coping with Hospital Water Supply Issues
On the evening of July 12, 2018, staff at the MedStar Washington (DC) Hospital Center noticed a significant drop in water pressure. While this loss of water was remedied by the local water authority within hours, residents and facilities across much of the city were urged to boil water before drinking or cooking with it. ASPR TRACIE interviewed Craig DeAtley (PA-C, Director, Institute for Public Health Emergency Readiness, MedStar Washington Hospital Center) to discuss this incident, lessons learned, and planning considerations healthcare facilities can incorporate to improve preparedness and response to similar incidents.
New! The Healthcare Coalition Recovery Plan Template
Recovery after a disaster can be the most prolonged and complex phase of emergency management, and healthcare coalitions (HCCs) can play a significant role in helping communities return to "normal." This template was created to help HCCs develop/ organize their recovery plans. A sample plan outline is provided in Appendix A; recovery plan development support resources are included in Appendix B; and Appendix C includes a full list of resources referenced in the template.
New! Tips for Healthcare Facilities: Assisting Families and Loved Ones after a Mass Casualty Incident        
This ASPR TRACIE resource highlights best practices and issues related to planning for, activating, and operating hospital or healthcare facility Family Information Centers/ Support Centers, Family Reception Centers, and Family Assistance Centers. We worked closely with subject matter experts to develop considerations for healthcare facility staff to use during planning, response, and recovery efforts.
Recently Released: Engagement of Urgent Care Centers in Medical Surge Activities
Urgent care centers are a growing presence in the healthcare marketplace, but limited information is available about their preparedness activities/ readiness to contribute to the healthcare system response to emergencies and disasters. This tip sheet provides considerations that may assist urgent care centers, HCCs, and other partners to engage with and support each other's emergency preparedness activities. It is a supplement to the ASPR TRACIE Medical Surge and the Role of Urgent Care Centers Report and summary document.
Upcoming Events

On September 12, 2018, the Uniformed Services University National Center for Disaster Medicine and Public Health is hosting the 2018 Disaster Health Education Symposium. Learn about current and future education initiatives in disaster medicine and public health education and enjoy the opportunity to network with your colleagues at this free one-day event. Visit us during the ASPR TRACIE roundtable session from 2:15-3:15pm. Register today!


The Association of Health Emergency Preparedness Professionals (AHEPP) Annual Conference runs from November 5-7, 2018 in Scottsdale, AZ. Dr. Bob Kadlec (the ASPR) is a featured speaker, and you can also check out the ASPR TRACIE Panel “Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Resources at Your Fingertips – Useful Guidance and Lessons Learned from Recent Incidents” on the 7th, at 12:45pm.


The 7th annual National Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Conference (NHCPC) is being held November 27-29, 2018 in New Orleans. NHCPC is expanding opportunities for learning about the implementation of healthcare coalitions and coalition activities in our communities. This independent conference exists for coalitions, by coalitions. Register today!


The National Ebola Training and Education Center (NETEC) is offering several upcoming workshops on emerging infectious diseases. Visit their education and training webpage to learn more and register for their next free course. (Travel costs are not included; the next course is September 19-20.)

Domain Updates
Technical Resources Icon Technical Resources
We reached a milestone in August and published our 57th and final comprehensively developed Topic Collection in the Technical Resources domain! The collection on Bioterrorism and High Consequence Biological Threats highlights research, promising practices, and model procedures for preparing for, responding to, and recovering from an act of bioterror or widespread illness caused by a high consequence biological agent. We also recently updated our Pharmacy Topic Collection and Opioids: Frequently Asked Questions document (to include new resources and the HHS renewal of the determination that a public health emergency exists). Zika: Resources at Your Fingertips was refreshed to include updated guidance and new resources. We invite you to consider sharing resources you have used in your healthcare organization or facility for potential inclusion in the TRACIE Resource Library to assist others in planning and responding.
Assistance Center Icon Assistance Center
The Assistance Center has processed over 4,000 technical assistance (TA) requests from a variety of stakeholders (including over 750 related to the CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule). Recently released responses to TA requests include: Hospital Decontamination Data, Hospital Evacuation and Repopulation Checklists, and Healthcare Facility Active Shooter Drills and Drill Evaluations. Access the updated, categorized summary of many of the requests we have received, and please reach out if you need assistance.
Information Exchange Icon Information Exchange
Over 5,000 of your colleagues use the Information Exchange—do you? Register now to join the conversation and learn more about setting up private topic areas. Need help navigating the IE? Check out this short how-to video.
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