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COVID-19 Resources: November Update #2

This issue of The Express highlights the following new/updated resources:

Please continue to access our Novel Coronavirus Resources Page and CDC’s Coronavirus webpage.  

New: Designated COVID-19 Hospitals: Case Studies and Lessons Learned
ASPR TRACIE recently interviewed decision makers and lead physicians at four designated COVID-19 hospitals. Designating one facility within the system or area to exclusively treat confirmed COVID-19 patients is one strategy to help standardize care, optimize resource utilization, and protect non-COVID-19 patients and healthcare workers. This document summarizes lessons learned and key planning considerations relevant to COVID-19 designated hospitals but can be used by all hospitals that have designated units for COVID-19 care.
New: Patient Surge Management Strategies During COVID-19
This document provides an overview of crisis care and crisis standards of care for situations where there are scarce resources available to care for high numbers of patients. Patient surge management strategies at the individual facility and community level are discussed and links to resources for more information and to operationalize the strategies are provided throughout.
New: Guidance on Use of High-flow Nasal Cannulas for Hospitalized COVID Patients
This technical assistance response includes links to guidance and clinical resources on the use of high-flow nasal cannulas for patients hospitalized with COVID-19.
New: Point-of-Care COVID-19 Tests
Dr. Jill Taylor shares essential information regarding use of point-of-care tests for COVID-19 diagnosis in this short video, part of a speaker series that highlights operational changes in healthcare due to the pandemic.
New: COVID-19 Healthcare Professional Stress and Resilience

ASPR’s Rachel Kaul highlights the importance of recognizing and managing stress, strategies for recognizing at-risk employees, and how to foster resilience in healthcare professionals in this introductory video. You can also learn how CHAMP (a Center of Excellence at the U.S. Department of Defense’s Uniformed Services University) applies the “Total Force Fitness” approach and “HOPE” framework to healthcare workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out the entire speaker series and our upcoming issue of The Exchange, which will feature these and other experts sharing their lessons learned over the past several months.  


COVID-19 Clinical Rounds Peer-to-Peer Virtual Communities of Practice are a collaborative effort between ASPR, the National Emerging Special Pathogen Training and Education Center (NETEC), and Project ECHO. These interactive virtual learning sessions aim to create a peer-to-peer learning network where clinicians from the U.S. and abroad who have experience treating patients with COVID-19 share their challenges and successes; a generous amount of time for participant Q & A is also provided. These webinar topics are covered every week:

  • EMS: Patient Care and Operations (Mondays, 12:00-1:00 PM ET)
  • Critical Care: Lifesaving Treatment and Clinical Operations (Tuesdays, 12:00-1:00 PM ET)
  • Emergency Department: Patient Care and Clinical Operations (Thursdays, 12:00-1:00 PM ET)

Access previous webinars and sign up today to receive information on upcoming webinars. 


The Healthcare & Public Health Sector Partnership led by ASPR’s Division of Critical Infrastructure Protection is actively engaged in responding to COVID-19. Register here to receive regular response bulletins.

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