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The Deming Impact on Pentel
Control of Processes and the Promise of People

Wednesday, January 9, 2019 at 5:30 PM
CSU Dominguez Hills
Dinner and Complimentary Parking

Please join ASQ Los Angeles for dinner and a dynamic presentation by guest speakers Michael Storie and Phyllis Wang with special guests:

  • Joe Koumi, President, Pentel of America
  • Mark Funatsu, Mexico Factory Manufacturing Manager
  • Jeff Werderman, Sr. Marketing Manager
  • Jason Cole, Brand Manager
Michael Storie
Michael Storie, is currently the TQC Manager of Pentel of America, Ltd. He has had over 46 years in the Writing Instrument and Art Materials Business, 30 of which has been at Pentel. He first attended TQC Training at JUSE in Japan in October of 1988, where Dr. Deming was one of the Instructors.

Phyllis Wang
Phyllis is the Assistant Total Quality Manager for Pentel of America, Ltd. With over 10 years’ experience in Food, Pharmaceutical and now the Writing Instrument industry, Phyllis is knowledgeable in consumer products governed by the FDA, EPA and CPSC.

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