Clarity, Loving Kindness & Humility in the Practice of Sandplay
...  a happy mid summer to all of our friends in the Northern  hemisphere. Our friends in the Southern hemisphere will have to wait for all of this wonderful sunshine, bu it will come...

July - Sand & Starfish
I recently read an article in  The New Yorker  magazine about sand. The author went into great detail about how sand is created and how it moves around the planet. A startling scientific fact he reported was that the world is running out of sand. Although this is difficult to believe, there is apparently, a great deal of research to support this statement. The problem is so acute in some areas where sand serves as a natural barrier between the ocean and the land, that people are forced to haul in great truck loads and barges full of sand over great distances.

This gave me to reflect that even something as vast as the world's sand participates in the cycle of life. It comes and goes, it is created and it disappears. Although this occurs over a longer timeline than more apparent cycles of birth and death, it happens none the less. The photo above carries all of these factors. The waves come and go, the sand shifts, moves and, as we now know, disappears, and the starfish, even with all of its regenerative powers, eventually passes as well. Perhaps it is because I am getting older, awareness of these natural cycles adds a precious quality to each day, to each person I work with or encounter - even the highly challenging ones! In Sandplay we witness the cycles of birth and death of psychic qualities; we see repeated patterns of construction and destruction. This is how the psyche changes. Transformation demands death of what is no longer serviceable.  Barbara Turner

...With each newsletter we will introduce an important member of our global family

This month we feature Robbie Spence

 Robbie joins us from Stones Corner, Queensland, Australia  

Robbie works to improve the social and emotional lives of children with learning disabilities.   Robbie has specialized training in expressive therapies, including Sandplay  and Interactive Drawing Therapy. He is a member of Australian Counselling Association College of Creative Arts Therapists.

Robbie uses a range of recognized evidence based therapeutic counselling approaches to support individuals with clinical and sub clinical issues. Where appropriate, he incorporates psychometrics, diagnostics, and bio-medical considerations. Robbie's work is sometimes accomplished in conjunction and co-operation with other health care professionals when required.

We are delighted to have Robbie as an AST member!

News Items
If you are taking classes for AST training credits, or are in consultation, please  be sure to join as an MAST - Member Association for Sandplay Therapy. This is now a requirement for AST accredited training.  Dues are $75 US/ year. 

Membership Renewals
July is membership renewal time for all those who joined AST between April - September. Those who joined between October - March renew in January.   Renew Membership Now
STR, STR-C & STR-CT members  must fill out Sandplay update forms.

Volunteer Needed
We need a tech savvy volunteer to put our Membership Records into a data base. If this is your calling, please let us know, and thanks!

AST Outreach Training
As a part of our mission as a training organization, we are now working with international agencies that serve abused and traumatized children. We do this for very little or no payment, the primary purpose being to train the agencies' mental health staffs in Sandplay therapy. Our initial program is currently up and running with the agency A Breeze of Hope , in rural Bolivia, where we have 8 psychologists. Breeze serves to eradicate the sexual violence, endemic to the culture, through transdisciplinary prevention strategies, providing legal, psychological and medical assistance to those in need.

Association for Play Therapy Annual Conference
October 2017
AST will be represented at the highly attended APT Conference in Minnesota this year. We will have a table with figures and books for sale,  in addition to membership information. Barbara Turner, STR-CT will present a workshop on the Neurobiology of Sandplay - How Sandplay Works to Effect Changes in the Brain.

AST Biennial International Congress
Kruger Park, South Africa
"Treasures in the Darkness" 
16-23 September, 2018
Registration Deposit: $100

It is not too early to plan ahead for our September 2018 Congress at the wonderful Kruger National Park wild game preserve. We have a lot of interest, so the earlier you can register, the better for us. This allows us to book the number of bungalows that we will need. We must book our final number of bungalows by January 2018. Be sure to save your place. The Kruger pre-registration fee requires a $100 non-refundable deposit. Reservations are on a first-come first-served basis.
For Information   Contact Celia

Make a Presentation
We have 12 1-hour presentation spots open. We encourage you to take this opportunity to dig more deeply into your work and to share it with the group. The  Presentation Request Form  is available on our website. The theme of our next congress is, "Treasures in the Darkness."

Board Meeting in London
Following the July training in Romania, Barbara Turner and Rose Harriet will join Eunice Stagg and Celia van Wyk in London to review Association business and continue planning for our future development.
Facts about starfish
. . .a Starfish in not a fish. . .t hey have no brain and no blood . . t hey can be really heavy . . t here are around 2,000 species of sea stars. . t hey usually have five arms, sometime many more. . .t hey cannot survive in fresh water . . t hey can regenerate . . t o eat, they slide their stomachs inside the shells of clams, snails and muscles, surround the soft tissue and return their stomachs to the underside of their bodies to digest the food..

Consultation and Training
Training with Celia Van Wyk, STR-CT - South Africa  
AST Accredited Group Consultation
Johannesburg, South Africa

Celia van Wyk, PhD Registered Sandplay Therapist - Consulting Teacher

13-14 July, 2017 -Gloucester, United Kingdom
22-23 July, 2017 - Ely, United Kingdom

Obtain your certification as a Sandtray Play in Education Practitioner - Open to school counselors and psychologists

Sunday 17 September 2017 - Johannesburg
Guest Speaker : Analyst, Mark Bortz
Topic : Images and Symbols of Creativity and Destruction in Alchemy, Sandplay and our Never Ending Struggle Towards Wholeness.
FREE for AST Registered Members; R2340 for non-registered members

For more information  
Trainings & Consultation with Eunice Stagg - STR-CT - UK
Eunice Stagg, STR-CT is hosting a UK meet up with Dr. Barbara Turner, STR-CT & Rose Harriet STR-C, & Celia van Wyk AST Board Members

Thursday 27th July 5 00pm - 8 00pm
Bishop Woodford House
Barton Road 
Ely Cambridgeshire  CB7 4DX

A light tea will be provided and Dr. Turner will give a short presentation.

Cost £10 per person - to cover cost of room hire and refreshments
Anyone interested in Sandplay is very welcome. Please make the most of this unique opportunity!
Contact Eunice  Contact Eunice
For Information Contact Eunice

T raining & Consultation with Barbara Turner, STR-CT - USA
Sandplay II
Please visit website for dates and venue.
Sandplay II is open to all who have completed Sandplay I, or its equivalent

Join Dr. Barbara Turner, author of the  Handbook of
Sandplay Therapy, for her well-known core curriculum in
Jungian Sandplay.

Group & Individual Consultation Openings Available


Rose Harriet, STR-C - USA

Individual Consultation

Lynne Souter-Anderson, STR-C - UK

Individual Consultation


Now Available !!

The Routledge International Handbook of Sandplay Therapy
Barbara A. Turner - Editor
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About the Book
The Routledge International Handbook of Sandplay Therapy
provides a comprehensive overview of this therapeutic method, developed to provide a means of helping clients of all ages with mental suffering. The contributors, from a range of therapeutic and cultural backgrounds, demonstrate core theory and practice, and explore the implications of current neuroscientific research. The chapters illustrate the effectiveness of this seemingly simple, yet highly complex, psychotherapeutic tool in its contemporary applications. Split into six parts, this handbook considers:
*         Sandplay therapy in medicine
*         Sandplay with special populations
*         Sandplay in analysis and general practice
*         Adaptions of the Sandplay method in education
*         Sandplay and the spirit
*         Non-Jungian uses of the sand tray in therapeutic
Unique in scope and breadth, this handbook will appeal to academics and students of Jungian psychotherapy, as well as occupational therapists, art and play therapists, and all clinicians using Sandplay therapy as part of their professional practice.

Clarity, loving kindness and humility in the practice of Sandplay
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