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On behalf of all of us at AST, I am excited to announce the launch of AST's Benchtop line of products. This product family includes a Container Filling System, a Container Closing System and a Vial Sealing System.   Together, they can be used to fill, close and cap vials, syringes and cartridges.
These Benchtop units have been designed and built from the same technology used in the AST GENiSYS and ASEPTiCell product families, including many of the advanced features that are incorporated into our larger systems such as: advanced menu driven user interfaces, in-process weight check, electronic batch record management, and more!
All of AST's systems are designed with a familiar user interface and product receipt menu to ease of product receipt transfer from the Benchtop to the GENiSYS to the ASEPTiCell. So whether your product is advancing from research to clinical to commercialization, or you are performing stability testing, AST has the right product for you.
I invite you to learn more about these exciting new systems on our website.
Joe Hoff, AST President & CEO
About AST:
AST was founded in 1965 and has been designing and building advanced systems since its beginning. In 2004 we began serving the Pharmaceutical Industry. In 2007 we received a contract to design and build what has become known as our 1st Generation ASEPTiCell; we believe this machine was the world's first multi-format aseptic fill-finish machine. Today we have aseptic multi-format filling machines filling vials, syringes, cartridges and infusion bags for clinical and commercial applications at EMEA and FDA inspected and approved facilities. In 2015 we launched our GENiSYS product family and in 2017 we are launching our Benchtop product family.
We sincerely appreciate and thank everyone of our current, past and future customers.

Please take the time to check us out at
Container Filling System (CFS)
AST's Container Filling System (CFS) is a bench-top filling machine that fills a wide range of parenteral containers. Using a highly accurate pump and weigh cell the system has all the advanced features to ensure your product is filled precisely every time.

To learn more about the Container Filling System (CFS) visit our website.
Container Closing System (CCS)
 AST's Container Closing System (CCS) is a simple bench-top system that closes pre-filled syringes and cartridges. The system is compatible with a wide range of container and piston combinations making it one of the most versatile systems available.

For additional information on the Container Closing System (CCS) visit our website.

Vial Sealing
System (VSS)
 AST's Vial Sealing System (VSS) is a semi-automatic vial sealing system.  The system's unique design carefully controls all critical aspects of the vial sealing or "capping" process to ensure that every vial is properly and consistently sealed. 

Please visit our website to learn more about the Vial Sealing System.