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Don't Miss CSS 2015 & Seed Expo's Keynote Speaker - Dan Basse
Back by popular demand for a fourth year in row, ag economist Dan Basse will deliver his market outlook and trend report during the Opening General Session on Tuesday, December 8th.  Basse's in-depth, global perspective on the economic issues impacting "field crops" is a must-attend event.  To view a teaser video for his upcoming remarks, click here.

To register for the conference online, click here.  We hope you're planning to join more than 3,000 industry professionals from 20 countries for this remarkable event!
ASTA Reminds Farmers to Properly Dispose of Treated Seed
Leading into harvest season, ASTA produced a Public Service Announcement (PSA) reminding farmers to be diligent in taking the proper precautions to ensure treated seed does not enter the domestic or export grain supply.

The PSA, which is being broadcast on farm radio programs across the nation, began running in mid-September and will continue through early October.  To view the full text and listen to the audio file, click here.

For more information and guidance on the proper handling and disposal of seed, visit to review the ASTA Guide to Seed Treatment Stewardship.         
ASTA Meets with Argentine Minister of Foreign Agriculture
At the conclusion of the recent International Executive Committee meeting, ASTA staff and members met with Argentine Minister of Foreign Agriculture Jose Molina at the Argentinian Embassy in Washington, D.C.  The group thanked the Minister for his assistance in resolving the Striga issue in Argentina that would have effectively blocked U.S. seed shipments in 2015.  Attendees also discussed a proposed rice Pest Risk Assessment.

Joint US - Mexico Phytosanitary Workshop to be Held in November
ASTA and the Mexican Seed Trade Association will conduct a joint Phytosanitary Workshop in Mexicali, Mexico on November 4-5, 2015.  Topics to be covered include seed sampling, seed testing, small lots of seed, and pest risk assessments.  If you are interested in attending or would like more information, contact Kelly Crist.
Seed Association of the Americas Holds Successful 5th Congress
The Seed Association of the Americas hosted the 5th Congress in conjunction with the Mexican Seed Trade Association's annual congress in Cancun, Mexico.  Approximately 250 delegates attended, including 41 from the U.S. - the largest U.S. delegation to date.  SAA's working groups met at the congress and ASTA's staff and members were active in each meeting.  The reinvigorated groups are working on an array of issues that represent the seed industry throughout the Americas.

In addition to the working groups and sessions, ASTA arranged for members in attendance to meet with Minister Counselor Lloyd Harbert who is based in the USDA's Foreign Ag Service office in Mexico City. 
State of the States - Insight from Pat Miller, ASTA Director of State Affairs
Ten state legislatures are in session at this time, and only a couple have bills of interest to the seed industry.  The others are preparing for the 2016 sessions with pre-filing of bills to start within the next 90 days.  That pause, for lack of a better word, allows a little time for strategic planning.  Our focus is on issues preparation, partnerships and communication.

We can continue to expect legislation for regulation of seed technology.  We all recognize that we must do a better job of conveying the science and benefits of the seed industry to the general public.  Interestingly, policymakers tend to understand and support current agriculture production methods.  However, they are concerned that the general public doesn't share the same attitude.

One of the basic tenets of working within the governmental affairs arena is that you cannot have too many friends.  ASTA leadership considers the enhancement of partnerships a priority.  Our membership grassroots network is vast and effective at representing seed industry interests.  However, we have to consider the significant role that the industry plays within the agricultural community.  Our industry friends depend on us and we depend on them.

Our ability to convey the benefits of the seed industry seems to be a common theme of every initiative.  We will continue to seek innovative tools and resources for our communication efforts in the governmental affairs arena.  We recognize that everyone is bombarded with information these days, so ASTA will continue to evaluate quantity vs. quality of the content.

Overall, the ASTA grassroots network is positioned quite well to be able to respond efficiently as issues arise.  It's important to realize that government, like industry, is constantly evolving and that efforts must be sustained, even when the government is not in formal session.  And you always have to consider that what doesn't happen is often important as well.  Thank you for your continued support.
ASTA Welcomes New Members
Beijing, China
St. Joseph, Illinois
St. Louis, Missouri
Davenport, Washington

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