August 25, 2017
The Comet's Tale
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The 2017 ASTEC Fund Door-Opener Awards Gala is set for November 14 at Gaillardia Country Club.

It will be a night to remember as we honor some of central Oklahoma's finest Oklahomans while raising funds to support one of central Oklahoma's most important schools: ASTEC Charter Schools.

Our 950 scholars depend on the ASTEC Fund for their educational experience and ultimately, for their future success. Your gift of sponsorship of the 2017 Door Opener Awards Gala makes a direct and profound impact on opportunities for inner-city teens as they transition into adult Oklahoma citizens.

Support the change you want to see.

The Honorees are:
The Honorable Mayor Mick Cornett
President of the Palomar Family Justice Center, Ms. Tricia Everest
The Honorable Oklahoma City University President
Mr. Robert Henry
The Honorable Oklahoma County Commissioner
Ms. Willa Johnson
President and Chairman of the Board of The Kerr Foundation,
Ms. Lou C. Kerr
Eclipse shines light on 'Teachable Moments'
A note from ASTEC Charter Schools Superintendent, Dr. Freda Deskin:

The “Teachable Moment” is a term coined by Havighurst. It refers to the teacher being able to switch the focus from a planned task to a current event or situation that offers the learner an exceptional opportunity they may not otherwise have.
Monday’s Lunar Eclipse offered such a moment.

While schools were advised to use precautions due to the real danger of permanent eye damage, and concerned parents asked if they should keep their children home for safety sake, ASTEC teachers found ways to safely use the opportunity provided by this natural event for a “teachable moment.”

Dean of Instruction, Ms. Seay not only supplied resources and activities, she actually went into several classes to assist by co-teaching about the eclipse.

Discussions and activities were not limited to the science classes; every teacher joined in the spirit. 

While the expected darkness did not occur in Oklahoma, scholars and teachers alike joined in the historic scientific even.

One teacher remarked that is didn’t look much different than a cloudy, overcast day, but that it was still exciting to know what was happening.

Here are a few of the responses from ASTEC teachers as to how they used the event for a “teachable moment” scholars will never forget:

Explore 6th. “We live-streamed it the second half of class while scholars worked on their introduction pennant after instructions, a lesson and the book we read and discussed.

English 11: “We viewed the NASA feed!”

English 6 Enhancement: “Scholars watched it in 5th hour for my class. Once the eclipse passed we returned to work.”

English 12: “We discussed it in every class and I answered questions throughout the day including visiting with students about it during lunch.”

Art: “We had the live feed playing from the start to end of coverage in the art room.”

Film Class: “We watched the NASA live stream and had a discussion about what was happening and why it looked different in different areas. I also let them peek out the glass doors at the right time so they could see if it was dark outside. It wasn't. We discussed that, too, and then went back to the live stream.”

Scholars: Get supplied
Scholars and parents, please remember to turn in your required $50 gift card for school supplies. The cards can be for Walmart or Office Depot.

The purpose of the cards is so that scholars and teachers can be supplied with their needs throughout the year.

Since we do not have sufficient storage space to house all these supplies year-long, we find it is most efficient to purchase the supplies, with our tax-free status, as they are needed.

Thank you for your cooperation and for being ASTEC Comets and Comet Parents!
'Comet Spirit' is in the house!
"It's a Great Day to Be a Comet" is a phrased coined by our beloved Coach Miller. Now it's also a catchphrase on our official ASTEC Comets Water Bottle! The best news? This inspiring bottle only costs $3 and supports ASTEC!

Need a USB Wall Charger? Show your school spirit for only $5. How about a stylish white USB drive BRACELET or some Comet Ear Buds for some hi-tech bling to show your Comet pride?

Contact Activities Director, Justin Perkins at for more information about our new Comet Spirit Pop Up store!
Food for Thought
"Fighting Hunger...
Feeding Hope"
If you have a student you feel is chronically hungry, please email or call (405) 947-6273 .
Thanks to the help of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, ASTEC students who are chronically hungry can get help. The program provides food for students who might otherwise not have food in the evenings and over the weekend when they cannot eat at school. The pantry will open the first week of September.
Character in Education:
'The Recess Queen'
Sixth grade ASTEC Scholars always know there is something unique in store when they have Ms. Clarissa Urbina as an Explore teacher. Here are some photos from one of Ms. Urbina's most recent educational excursions.
Ms. Urbina explains:

"We are in our Character Education unit in Explore class and today we read "The Recess Queen" in the sixth grade.

"Jean is the bully of the classroom. She makes fun of all her classmates and seems to get all her fun from picking on others. One day, a new student comes to the school named Katie Sue. Katie Sue doesn't know about Mean Jean and is busy being silly on the playground. She asks Mean Jean to play jump rope with her and Mean Jean is extremely surprised, but likes the idea of having a friend."
"We discussed friendship, kindness, bullying and appropriate recess behavior. Afterwards of course we had to test the theory that jump ropes can create bonds of friendship. They do."
Don't forget!
Mark your Calendar
Friday, August 25
4 p.m. 8th Grade Ice Cream Social

Wednesday, August 30
5 p.m. Athletic Physicals

Friday, September 1
1 p.m. Student Activities Fair

Saturday, September 2
9 a.m. Cross Country Meet at Watonga High School

Monday, September 4
Labor Day
No School

Monday, September 21
Open House