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• NXP Keynote

• Detroit Expansion

• Pre-order Velodyne Puck Hi-Res today! 

• New product: LeddarVu8

• We've been busy ...

• This month's favorite: Tim Swanson

NXP Keynote

AutonomouStuff’s VP of Worldwide Sales & Development, Wolfgang Juchmann, gave the keynote speech to open NXP’s FTF Connects event, October 5th. His speech, “Autonomous Vehicles 101,” walked attendees through the steps of building a self-driving vehicle. After the presentation, participants were invited outside for demo rides in our Automated Research Development Vehicle.

We’re very proud to be able to share our knowledge of this new and exciting technology with the world. If you missed Wolfgang’s informative keynote speech, don’t worry! Contact us and we can provide a PDF version of his presentation!

Detroit Expansion

As the industry grows, we're happy to grow with it! In January we expanded our team in Silicon Valley and this month we are doing the same in Detroit.

We're proud to announce our newest team member, Detroit-based Nicole Waier. Nicole serves as our Regional Sales Manager helping us reach our growing customer base. If you're in Detroit and you bump into Nicole, help welcome her to our team!
Pre-order the Velodyne Puck Hi-Res today!

We are officially taking pre-orders for Velodyne LiDAR's newest product, the Puck Hi-Res.

Expanding on the groundbreaking VLP-16 Puck, the Hi-Res is a 16-channel, real-time 3D LiDAR sensor that weighs just 830 grams. It is used in applications that require greater resolution in the captured 3D image.

For more information, follow the link to the right.
New product: LeddarVu8

As you know, we love new products! The great people at LeddarTech have debuted a new technology and we're excited to provide it to you. 

The LeddarVu8 leverages powerful class-1 laser illumination and 8 independent active detection elements into a single sensor. This results in rapid, continuous and accurate detection and ranging of objects without any moving parts.

Learn more about this awesome new technology on our website using the button on the right.

We've been busy ...

In the last month we've had the privilege of participating in some great events, including the Automotive Testing Expo in Shanghai, RoboBusiness in San Jose, Majesco Convergence in Atlanta, NXP FTF Connects in Detroit, Silicon Valley Reinvents the Wheel in Mountain View on top of hosting our own Open House at our Illinois-based headquarters. 

It's been a lot of fun and there's no sign of slowing down. Check out where we're headed next by clicking "More Events" to the right!

This month's favorite: Tim Swanson

Here at AutonomouStuff we take pride in our employees. This month we'd like to introduce you to one of our applications engineers , Tim Swanson.

Tim has been with AStuff for a year or so now and has been able to add value to our team every step of the way. He says:

“I really enjoy working with people and technologies that are going to change the world completely. Walking into work is a bit like traveling into the future but without the DeLorean or 1980s clothing.”

It's employees like Tim that make it possible for us to enable the future of autonomy. Thanks for being a rockstar, Tim!

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