Order History
Follow these steps to finding what you have on-loan: 
  1. Log into your Loan Library account found at https://www.at-udl.net/.
  2. From the drop-down arrow next to "my Account" choose "Order History."
  3. Look at the Order Status column. Items still checked indicates "Shipped" next to the Order ID.
  4. Click the red eyeball (View) icon on the row of the item that indicates "Shipped."
  5. The order Information will open for that particular Order ID.
  6. Print Screen this page for your records.
  7. Choose the blue "Continue" button on the bottom right to return to your Order History.
  8. Continue steps 3 to 7 for each order that indicates "Shipped."
Here is a quick video that illustrates the steps: https://youtu.be/X7LZTkwNZEc?t=402
Loan Library Highlights
Clicker Docs iOSApp

The Clicker Docs iOS App provides middle and high school students with the support needed to become independent writers. These supports include an easy to use keyboard, and a simple word processor with word prediction and text to speech.

Customized word banks and learning grids allow students to weave content-specific vocabulary into their core sentences. The unique Super Keys feature groups the letters on the keyboard into clusters, creating just six large areas to target. Students with limited fine motor skills can tap a cluster containing the letter needed, and then tap the letter in the enlarged cluster.

The predictor/spell checker has four size options that make words easy to select for students with low-vision. 

Clicker Connect iOS App

When students use the Clicker Connect app on the iPad, they can engage in writing through word clusters, phrases, and pictures to produce sentences. As each sentence is completed, it is spoken aloud, helping learners to review and correct what they have written. Learners can listen to words and phrases in the grid before using them to help them decide how they want to convey their ideas. 

Clicker Connect provides an extensive range of supports to meet the needs of struggling writers. Features such as:
  • color-coding words or phrases to emphasize sentence structure;
  • built in guided order feature to ensure students work from left to right; 
  • identify words through the use of pictures;
  • student friendly online keyboard and grids enable students to extend their writing experience. 
Clicker Sentences iOS App
Clicker Sentences iOS App

Clicker Sentences iOS App provides extensive support to emergent, developing and struggling readers and writers. With Clicker, every child can become an independent writer. Clicker Grids enable students to write with whole words and phrases. Emerging writers build sentences word-by-word, while Word Banks provide scaffolding to support developing writers.

Clicker Sentences include free access to LearningGrids, a dynamic bank of ready-made writing grids. Realistic speech feedback, talking spell checker, audio note recorder and intelligent word prediction tools enable to review and self-correct their work.

Free Writing Supports for Home Use

Crick is offering free access for students and teachers affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Select  Clicker@home  (for elementary) 
or  DocsPlus@home  (for middle/high).
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