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Spring 2019
two student desks with a note on them to helpd the students to build a growth mindset for taking the standardized test

Spring is the time of year when teachers and students are preparing for and taking the Florida State Assessments (FSA). An article in the   Huffington Post  shared, how a teacher provided testing support by writing personalized notes of encouragement to each of her students on their desks.  Growth Mindset plays an important role not only in student preparation and readiness but also in the planning for the next academic year. 

Opportunities need to be provided after testing so that students can reflect and share how accommodations did or did not work for them. Providing students with time to think about their own instruction and what could be done differently next year in the areas of instruction, instructional accommodations, and testing accommodations enable students to become expert learners
This issue of the newsletter highlights examples of flexible tools found in the AT & UDL Loan Library that can be checked out to provide accommodations, flexibility, customization and multiple ways to access learning materials and assessments.   

Loan Library Highlights

Kids Kore Wobble Chair Green Kids Kore Wobble Chair
Mounting and Seating

Kore Design's Kore Wobble Chair allows students to expend energy as they sit and work in class. Unlike therapy balls, this Wobble Chair stays in place when the student stands and resists tipping over. The chair rocks 360 degrees, including from side to side and front to back. The chair helps strengthen core muscles and encourages proper posture at the same time allowing the student to focus on the task at hand.

Key Features
  • Recommended for children ages 4 to 12
  • Allows movement 360 degrees
  • Excellent choice for students with ADD, ADHD or low muscle tone
  • Material: Molded plastic
  • Base Diameter: 13 3/4"
  • Seat Diameter: 11"
  • Height: 14"
  • Weight capacity: 275 lbs.
  • Assembly required

Slant Script Big Board
SlantScript Big Board
Instructional Supports and More...

The SlantScript Big Board f eatures a low angle (20 degrees) and is made of light-weight plexiglass. It encourages better posture and positioning for writing or reading.  The SlantScript Big Board measures 13"H x 15"W with large metal clip to hold paper and no-slip discs to prevent sliding.  It is designed to help eliminate the shoulder and wrist pain that comes from writing on flat surfaces. Writing on an angled surface also aids in the development of fine motor and visual tracking skills. 

Bamboo Touch Pad
Bamboo Touchpad
Computer Access and More...

The Bamboo Touch Pad is a wireless touchpad and stylus that is Windows and Mac compatible. The Bamboo Pad is able to recognize multi-finger gestures up to four fingers. The digital stylus can be used to add handwritten annotations to documents or for drawing and sketching original designs. It provides quick and easy options to students who have difficulty in using a mouse. 

This Product Includes:
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Bamboo Pad
  • 2AA Batteries
  • Wireless USB Dongle
  • Stylus

Tips and Tricks for Getting Your Order Faster!

Just ask any experienced AT & UDL Loan Library user and they will tell you that just a little pre-planning before placing your orders can assure that you will get your order faster! 

Before ordering a Mobile Device such as an iPad: 
  • Select the device
  • Select the apps to be installed if any are needed
  • Select a case (be sure the case fits your specified device) 
  • Select any needed accessories ( i.e. switch, switch interface, and/or mounting systems)

Before ordering Software: 

  • Select the laptop ( Mac or Windows)
  • Select the software to be installed
  • Select any needed accessories (i.e. switch, switch interface, and/or mounting systems)
Before ordering a Mounting system: 
  • Select the Mounting system 
  • Select the AAC device(if needed) 
  • Request needed Mounting plate for the specific AAC device

Make sure that you have everything you need in your cart and the correct quantities before checking out!

Notify Me button
Item Not Available?

Have you ever visited the AT & UDL Loan Library  to select a particular item to check out only to find that the Add to Cart button has change to Notify Me. This occurs when an item is out of stock. When you click on the Notify Me Button, you are asked to complete a simple form sharing your contact information (name, phone, and email). Once submitted, that information is sent to the Loan Library and we copy and paste your information into a wait list. We use a free app called Waitwhile. The AT & UDL Loan Library can be found at  https://app.waitwhile.com/l/atudl. Bookmark this site so that you can check to see that you have placed a Notify Me request and it has been added to the waitlist.  You can also see how many people are ahead of you waiting for the same item. 

Please contact us if you have submitted a request to Notify Me and you do not see your name on the waitlist. 

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This newsletter was developed by the Technology & Learning Connections Team, a part of the Problem Solving/Response to Intervention Project, and funded by the Florida Department of Education Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services through federal assistance under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), Part B funds. The information included does not reflect any specific endorsement by any parties involved. Please em ail Tara Jeffs  for further information.