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Unlocking Human Potential
Summer  2017

End of the School Year !

The end of the school year is both exciting and stressful! There are many blogs and online resources for  tips and tricks in closing out this school year and getting organized for next year! Most schools have an end of the year checklist to make sure that everything you do is checked off before you leave for the summer. Be sure to  add the AT & UDL Loan Library Returns to your end-of-year To-Do List.

Here is a quick tip for making sure that you have collected and returned all your loaned items back to us before you leave for summer!

Review Your Order History

Visit the loan library website (https://www.at-udl.net/) and locate your account profile in the top right corner. Click on the down arrow and select Order History
Picture of the top right hand corner of the website with an Icon of Person with the words My account

A listing of all your orders will be displayed. Here you will see the order number, status and the number of products on the order.  
When you click on the view icon  view icon - shape of an eye the order invoice will be displayed. Every step in the order process is on the invoice (processing, pending, shipped, notification, item back, and order complete).

Valuable information such as order status, items checked out, expected date of return, and the return shipment tracking number is  always at your fingertips! If you see that an order status is not complete then look carefully at the expected return date and make arrangements to collect and ship the order back to us. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email ( tlc.mtss@gmail.com) or telephone.   

Contact information for the regional AT-UDL Technology Centers:

Region 1 - 850-995-0999 or 1-844-317-7784 (toll free)
Region 2 - 352-419-6556 or 1-844-365-3045 (toll free)
Region 3 - 386-761-9909 or 1-844-848-8936 (toll free)
Region 4 - 813-632-2080 or 1-844-873-2127 (toll free)
Region 5 - 954-925-6195 or 1-844-705-4385 (toll free)
Loan Library Highlights
Picture Description-Billboard with Announcements_ Check out the End-of-Life Items available in the AT _ UDL Loan Library

End-of-Life Inventory / Permanent Loans
Closes Friday, July 21st, 2017     
Over 100 End-of-Life items have already been checked out! Good news, there are still more available!   This issue of the newsletter highlights a sampling of items that can be found under the End of Life Items category of the library.

Simon Sounds it Out Individual Phonics Instruction  Software
Simon Sounds It Out
Level 1 or 2

Simon S.I.O. is a software program that delivers individualized phonics instruction and corrective feedback to beginning readers. Students move systematically and at their own pace in the software as they learn letter sounds and word families. In addition, students practice spelling words, discriminating between like words and reading newly learned words within controlled texts. Utilizing Simon's Progress Reports, teachers can quickly check students' progress on screen or print the reports out to include in student portfolios. This program offers students a fun and engaging  learning environment to practice the underlying skills needed for reading.  This software is perfect for that old laptop or computer running Mac iOS 8.6.1 - 9.2, 8x CD-ROM drive or Windows 98SE through XP.  Take a glance at the manual for the listing of sight words being taught and practices at each

These items can be found in the Loan library: 

4 different screen shots of software Monkey eating bananas _ zoo_ sports and speedy in wheelchair
Press to Play 
Speedy, Animals, Sports, and Zoo

Highly motivating cause-and-effect programs to suit young and older children alike. Users can interact with the characters using a joystick, mouse or touch screen (enabling you to select the device most appropriate for each student's ability). Simple scanning teaches beginning switch users to observe, wait and select. "Teacher Screen" permits quick setup of every session to match the student's needs and abilities. 

The animations are well designed with large, clear target areas. The programs cater to users who are visually impaired as well. Activities cycle automatically so that students can play indefinitely. The cause-and-effect mode suits younger users or those just starting to use their input device. Increased independence allows students to practice and build confidence. The activities are designed with a sense of fun; ideal for two users to play together. 

In order to play this fun program on a Windows computer you will require either Windows 95 or Windows 98 operating system, at least 6MB free space on your hard drive with 8MB RAM. Macintosh users will require a 68030 (or higher) processor with System 7.1 (or later), 8 MB RAM and 10 MB hard disk space. A CD-ROM drive is necessary for installation.

These items can be found in the loan library:: 

Crick Software - Planet Wobble
Picture of the planet Earth with the words Planet Wobble Levl 1 Crick Software Level 1 

Planet Wobble is an engaging series of materials for struggling readers. Each set includes animated Clicker talking books, plus full-color  printed versions of the stories to enable you to use the materials away from the computer too. The emphasis on essential high frequency words teaches children to recognize  these words automatically within a meaningful context, and become more fluent readers.

Students learn to read independently with the help of high quality speech and engaging stories. Planet Wobble is quite like Earth, but everything is a little different, meaning that children from any background can relate to the stories. The talking books offers w hole word support and the repetition of essential high-frequency words. In addition  to i ncreasing comprehension and writing skills through extensive practice and reinforcement of word, sentence, and text level activities.

The Planet Wobble series is divided into three levels, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Each level has six books. Students are introduced to Planet Wobble in the Level 1 Book, At Wobble Beach, and the end the series reading about The Wobblit, a 16-page Level 3 book. The Wobble Story CD must be used in conjunction with Clicker 5 or 6. 

System Requirements: Clicker 5 - XP, Vista, Windows 7; Clicker 6 - XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

This item can be found in the loan library: 

Picture of CD case and CD that has Number station title
Number Station by Attainment Co.
Version 1.0

The Number Station software explores patterns of numbers by inserting "tokens" into vacant slots in an on-screen number board. Students count by ones, twos, fives and tens and progress to using addition and subtraction to solve more complex patterns. Learning units are presented in three difficulty levels. After students achieve proficiency at one level, the program automatically progresses to the next. It Includes a Learning Mode where students can ask for hints, and a Quiz Mode without hints. This software keeps performance records for every student for all activities in both modes. You can use this software with a touch screen. 

System Requirements: Windows XP to Windows 8. Mac iOS 10.6 or lower or run Classic Mode.

This item can be found in the loan library:

Cd case and disk with Dollar Bill and First Money title
First Money by Attainment Co.  
Curriculum Supports

The First Money software program is the first step in independent money skills. It features updated graphics, scanning capabilities and improved record keeping and the option of US or Canadian currency. Each segment includes a teach (step-by-step instruction) and quiz option. Voice prompts and graphics cue users through three segments.  Money Names shows values and names for each coin and bill.  Equal Value illustrates that different combinations of coins and bills can equal the same value.  What's It Worth? Asks students to add up varying groups of money.

First Money can run directly from the CD or may be installed to your hard drive. The program must be installed to run without the CD.

System Requirements: Windows XP to Windows 8. Mac iOS 10.6 or lower or run in Classic Mode.

This item can be found in the Loan Library: 

Picture of a potable Capture Station
Portable Capture Station  
Intel Reader companion

The Intel® Portable Capture Station is used with the Intel Reader to quickly and conveniently capture large amounts of text for school, work or pleasure. The sturdy, portable stand enables complete, rapid text capture, holding the camera to help capture books, magazines, newspapers, and other documents. A transparent film holds books flat for easy capture, and the large, easy-to-find capture button on the base helps users quickly capture lots of pages. The Intel Portable Capture Station folds up into a convenient briefcase size for use at home, work, school or anywhere you need to go.
This Product Includes:
  • Intel Portable Capture Station
  • Power Cord
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Manual
  • CD containing the Capture Station Quick Start Guide and User Manual in audio and Digital Talking Book format
**To be used with Intel Reader

This item can be found in the Loan Library: 

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