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Summer  2019

Sweet Summertime!

What does summertime have to do with the AT & UDL Loan Library? Well, it is the best time of the year to borrow and explore new devices, switches, apps, and software that you have been meaning to checkout and learn but were too busy to do so during the school year. Summertime is your chance to teach yourself about new kit features and how it could benefit your students. Be sure to enjoy quiet moments to review the past year and build upon or change for the new year. Now is the time to plan for renewal and draft the desired action steps in making the new academic year even better than last year!

Review Your Order History 

Summertime is also a great time to review your orders from the past year. It is quick and easy! To locate your Order History, v isit the loan library website ( https://www.at-udl.net/ ) and locate your account profile in the top right corner. Click on the down arrow and select Order History

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View Icon.
When you click on the view icon,   the order invoice will be displayed. Every step in the order process is on the invoice (processing, pending, shipped, notifi cation, item back, and order complete).  Valuable information such as order status, items checked out, expected date of return, and the return shipment tracking number is  always at your fingertips!  Take a look at the devices you checked out and reflect back on how well the items worked or did not work for the student. 

Review an Item 

Take time this summer to read and/or write item reviews to share with other users in the AT & UDL Loan Library. These reviews provide important information on durability, practicality, and implementation ideas. For example, the Ergonomic Mouse was given 3 stars from Kristy who said in her review, "This is for a right-handed person only. The concept is wonderful and it is easy to move."

Image of Erogronomic Mouse and a review that shows 3 stars and the comment for right hand people only

It only takes 5 minutes to write a review. B y writing your own product review, you can share information from your own experiences that  will  point out the pros and cons of a given product. This is useful to  other loan library users to determine whether or not it's the right one for their student.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email ( tlc.mtss@gmail.com), or  contact one of the Loan Library Distribution Centers. You can check your shipping labels to see which Distribution Center handles your devices.

Loan Library Distribution Center: Port Orange, FL
386-761-9909 or 1-844-848-8936 (toll free)

Loan Library Distribution Center: Hollywood, FL
954-925-6195 or 1-844-705-4385 (toll free)

Loan Library Highlights
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New Inventory to Reduce Waiting!    
We are excited to announce that more inventory has been purchased through the support of the Florida Department of Education Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Service (BEESS) for high demand items such as communication devices, and AAC eye gaze systems that have in the past resulted with loan library patrons being placed on a wait-list. Good news, there are more devices available for check out!   

Boxes piled up
Organize for Successful Trials

AT & UDL Loan Library patrons share that orders that come in for teams to trial can turn very quickly into chaos when trying to collect the items and return them back to the AT & UDL Loan Library on time. Returning items on time to the loan library eliminates the need to place patrons on the waitlist. 

Here are some tried and true tips in making borrowing and returning items from assistive technology trials: 
  • Take it One Order at a Time and one Trial per Order by keeping trials separate and placing 1 order for each trial. 
  • Create a Quick Reminder by marking on the calendar when the order arrives and make a to-do reminder when the order should be returned. 
  • Email the IEP team and Keep Them in the Know by telling them when you will be delivering the AT devices and the date you will be picking them up. Ask them to create a to-do reminder as well. 
  • Give Yourself Time by allowing at least 3 days to pick up equipment and ship back to the AT & UDL Loan Library. 
  • Follow-up Weekly with the member of the IEP team responsible for AT to talk about the data collected and if any ideas or changes are needed. 
  • Create a System that Works for You!  Whether you create a quick Google Sheet, post the orders on a wall or develop a  paper-based notebook have your order information handy so that you can check the orders that are out and their status.
Just Arrived Items
Reveal 16i
Reveal16i Magnification Device

Reveal 16i is a compact foldable digital magnifier. This all-in-one device allows the user to have printed materials magnified and distant learning materials viewed (i.e interactive whiteboards) with its integrated Optical character recognition (OCR) and Text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities. The power of the Reveal 16i is the robust Prodigi software that allows easy access to multiple applications ( books, calculator, camera, photo gallery, settings and help ). Tasks such as video chatting, checking emails, watching videos on YouTube, and downloading favorite applications from the Play Store all become possible. 

Thanks to Reveal 16i, opening books and taking digital notes before sharing them with others is easy to do. An integrated touchscreen allows customization by the use of the touchscreen or use of the buttons. The 5 finger touch points allow access to the Android Desktop in one easy step.  It has two cameras ( one for conferencing and one for  OCR), Two USB ports for the use with a laptop or second computer and/or flash drive,  and a headphone port. 

Reveal 16i is ergonomically designed to be easy to fold, carry and store. 
Folded: Height (14.57") Width (14.96") Depth (18.3")
Open: Height (5.9") Width (14.96") Depth (18.6")
Weight: 15.2 lbs
Battery autonomy: 5-6 hours when using continuous light

NeuroNode Trilogy
NeuroNode Trilogy
Control Bionics

The NeuroNode Trilogy combines three control methods  (touch control, eye control and the NeuroNode 3.0) to access alternative communication and complete everyday tasks such as: 
  • Sending and receiving text and email messages
  • Browsing the web, watching videos and movies
  • Listening to music, radio, and podcasts
  • Reading the news
  • Using environmental control systems
  • Controlling external devices
The NeuroNode 3.0 is placed on the skin over the muscle chosen to be the switch. When an attempt to move that muscle, the NeuroNode detects the bioelectrical (EMG) signals, even if there is no visible muscle movement, and uses these signals to control the preloaded Grid 3 AAC software on the Neuronode Trilogy System.

  • NEW adhesive-free, wearable solution with the NeuroBand
  • Compatible with iOS10, Android, and Windows operating systems
  • Over 24 hours of continuous battery life with hassle-free charging
  • Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection
  • Easy for caregivers to set up and operate
  • Reliable operation once calibrated
  • Fast for users to learn and control - begin using it within 30 minutes and quickly become proficient
  • Low user fatigue to operate
  • Adjustable sensitivity according to an individual user and fatigue levels

image contains information about the development of this newsletter was a product of the technology and learning connections team who is a part of the multi-tiered system of supports and problem solving response to intervention partnership at the university of south florida in Tampa_ Florida. The project is funded by the Florida Department of Education Bureau of the Exceptional Children Student Services with funding assistance under IDEA  Part B
This newsletter was developed by the Technology & Learning Connections Team, a part of the Problem Solving/Response to Intervention Project, and funded by the Florida Department of Education Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services through federal assistance under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), Part B funds. The information included does not reflect any specific endorsement by any parties involved. Please em ail  us ( tlc.mtss@gmail.com ) f or further information.