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Unlocking Human Potential
May 2016

Summer is approaching fast so don't forget to add the AT & UDL Loan Library to your end-of-year To-Do List. Collect and send back all your Library Loan items that are not going to be used for students in  ESY Services. 

Spring Giveaways Opens Today!
Opens Friday, June 3rd  - Closes  Sunday, July 31st, 2016       

It is time for spring cleaning. Each spring the Loan Library inventory is examined closely to ensure that it is up-to-date and supported by the manufacturer. Keeping the Loan Library inventory current is essential in providing you with state-of-the-art technology that you can borrow for your AT trials and can be purchased by school based teams.  As a result, we provide our loan library patrons an opportunity to participate in the Spring Giveaways. Here is how it works: 

All items in this  category,  once checked out as a Giveaway, will be transferred to you permanently.  There is a l imit  of 2 items per person.
  • Items have been assigned to the Giveaway category because either they are no longer being produced, sold, manufactured, or they use a legacy connector that is no longer common (Serial, 9-pin, PS2, etc.).
  • Some items may require  purchase  of replacement parts, such as batteries (i.e. Dynavox M3, etc.). Items do not come with warranty or service of any type.
  • Giveaways MUST be a SEPARATE ORDER from other store items in inventory, Please do not add Giveaways to an order with any other inventory kit items.
  • Currently, you can see that there is a GiveAway category on the Loan Library webpage. On June 2nd at 10 pm (EDT) you will not see the GiveAway Category listed on the website. This provides us time to set up the available items.The  Giveaway category will be available at 10 a.m. (EDT) on Friday, June 3rd. Once the giveaway category is opened on the AT & UDL Loan Library  (  https://www.at-udl.net/  )  you will see it listed under Categories on the Loan library website. On Sunday, July 31st at 10 a.m. (EDT) the Giveaway category will be closed and no longer be visible. 

Contact information for the regional AT-UDL Technology Centers:
Region 1 - 850-995-0999 or 1-844-317-7784 (toll free)
Region 2 - 352-419-6556 or 1-844-365-3045 (toll free)
Region 3 - 386-761-9909 or 1-844-848-8936 (toll free)
Region 4 - 813-632-2080 or 1-844-873-2127 (toll free)
Region 5 - 954-925-6195 or 1-844-705-4385 (toll free)

Loan Library Highlights
Learn a few interesting facts about this year's Loan Library by trying this fun fact quiz! 

  1. The AT & UDL Loan Library patrons have checked out _____ product kits this year.      a)  500         b) 1000         c) 1500         d) 2000
  2. The product category that was most checked out from the  Loan Library was
     a)  communication    b) mobile devices   c) software   d) mouse alternatives.
  3. The region of Florida that checked out the most products in 2015-16 was
     a) Region 1         b) Region 3           c) Region 5           d) Region 4.
  4.  Since January 2016, the Loan Library had increased patrons by  ____  percent. 
     a)  12 %      b) 25%      c) 36%     d) 50% 
  5. The month of ______ is the busiest month for patrons to  check out products. 
    a)  October    b) September     c) January      d) March  

Answers: 1 d, 2 b, 3 c, 4 c, 5 b.

Have a safe and wonderful summer!

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