January 2016
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These items and more can be found at  Amazon.com or  via specialized vendors 
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Are you an educator, employer, or consumer group who is interested in accessibility training using Chromebook? 

AT Specialist Kate Moseley for STAR Training information!

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Did you know that Google offers a wonderful universal design program that allows users of all abilities to customize online access to their individual needs?


The Chrome OS uses apps on the Chrome browser instead of software programs. This is very beneficial because it prevents virus downloads and allows users to access their settings, documents, and programs from any computer at any time. 


The Chromebook is a new computer the runs the Chrome operating system (Chrome OS). Because all of settings and apps are stored on a user's individual Google profile online, this information can be accessed from anywhere on any device. Any user can tailor any computer to their specific needs instantly. 

With apps like Co-Writer Universal and  Snap&Read Universal, users can read and write with the virtual environ ment that best suits their needs. Google Read&Write is as low as $8.50 per month for single users and similar to Snap&Read and Co-Writer in that is reads text, translates text, simplifies typed content, and even performs speech to text.  

There are also free apps like ChromeVox that will read the screen to users and allow users to navigate the page using the keyboard. Natural Reader will read out text that is typed into a text box. 

Looking for an easy way to make communication boards? Be sure to install Picto4me.

Pinterest is another great app, especial for teachers. This browser app allows users to sort and share links. It is a wonderful place for ideas! Make sure to follow our TASC Pinterest to explore assistive technology, home accessibility, and more.

There are many options for computers that operate the Chrome OS, so the choice is up to the user. (Yes, they even come in desktops!).

What's next for Google?

Project Tango is a 3D mapping tablet that is now available to consumers. With a few modifications, it has the potential for users with low vision to map out their surroundings in real time and give them a better feel for the world around them. While the video below is more from the entertainment perspective, it illustrates how the technology works and how it could be useful to someone with low vision. 
Project Tango
Project Tango

What's new in the Lending Library?

New items available in the AT4ALL  Lending Library:

-A great phone for seniors
-Easy to use buttons and simple commands
-Plans not included, but start at $14.
- FREE to someone in need!

-For loan
-Easy to see numbers
-Picture speed dialing buttons
-Amplified phone

 Brought to you by STAR, a program of the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services, in partnership with T.A.S.C., a program of UCP Huntsville.
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