March 2016
AT For Employment 

iPad App of the Month:
Book Creator 

Price: $4.99


Book Creator is a simple way to make your own beautiful ebooks, right on your iPad. It is wonderful for making step by step instructions for supported employment and those who may benefit from visual and auditory cues for  directions

Link to App Store: 

Resources for Job Accommodations






JAN (Job Accommodations Network)

AT for Employment

Marble Mouse Trackball   (in our loan closet! Check it out at AT4ALL!)

Amplified Phone  (in our loan closet! Check it out at AT4ALL!)


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Leveling the Playing  Field

AT is the "great equalizer." It provides us with tools and devices to aid us in tasks that may be otherwise difficult. 

Seeking, securing, and maintaining employment can be difficult for people of all abilities, but AT is here to help level the playing field and aid those with disabilities to perform at your best in the workplace! Read on to learn more about AT and Employment.  Have a resource to share? Contact us at tasc@ucphuntsville.org .

Visit  www.startraining.org  for a list of upcoming trainings, as well as our remodeled site and modules.
AT for Supported Employment
Supported employment accommodations are specific to each work environment, but reminders and step-by-step instructions are the most commonly utilized aids. 

Reminders and calendars that will vibrate and ding with alerts are standard apps on most smartphones. Due, Any.Do, & Evernote  are three iPhone apps that excel at reminders and to-do lists. For Andriod,  Google Keep, Life Reminders, and Evernote are great apps. There may be slight differences in the apps, but really whichever one feels the most natural to you is the best app! 

Other tech options for reminders include calendars with highlighted events, vibrating watches (in our loan closet!),  timers  (in our loan closet!), and checklists

Step-by-step instructions can be very helpful for those in supported employment settings. These instructions can be app-based, like First Then Visual Scheduler, Visual Impact 3, and Task Cards, or even a physical laminated version similar to the picture below. The laminated instructions can be checked off using a dry erase marker.

AT in the Office

Many office accommodations can be made easily and for minimal expense. Visit the JAN website (for employers and employees) for appropriate accommodations, including the examples below, and suggested funding options. 

Desks are important for any job, so it is important to have a workspace that is not only accessible, but also comfortable. There are electronic adjustable desks that adjust with just the push of a button! These desks can be expensive, but if a temporary adjustment is all you need, placing the desk on cinderblocks for more height (they look very nice painted) is an inexpensive alternative. 

Computer access is crucial for most employment. Our  Computer Access Module is a great way to learn all about different keyboards, mice, and programs to aid in access for all! 

Phone access is also very important and there are many different types of phones for different abilities, including  Extra loud phones (in our lending library),   Voice Activated phones, and flashing phones. Adding a Blueant bluetooth car phone or ear bud can also be helpful for an inexpensive voice activation option. 

Look what's  new for  loan @al.at4ll

- For loan 
- Records your voice about medication (instructions on taking, why you must take it, etc.) 

-For loan
-The GoTalk Button records one 10-second message. (yes or no, directions, emergency information)

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