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Bakelite TV with ATB logo
Public television
airings continue

The number of airdates has increased to over 50% of our original submissions. To date, the film has been shown in 31 states, and Puerto Rico. Some stations have scheduled prime-time and multiple airdates.

We also picked up showings on educational programs outside the national public television network in St. Louis, MO, which included five airdates with HEC Media. And we're waiting to confirm an airdate in Philadelphia through Temple University Television, which has an audience reach of 55,000 students, faculty and viewers.

Our efforts through social media have attracted more viewership. The post for Rochester's WXXI ( see link ) is particularly important because in 1899 George Eastman of Kodak bought Baekeland's Velox photographic paper business, Nepera Chemical Company for $750,000.

Our film was shown Sept. 30 at 9pm, with an encore airdate on Oct. 5 at 5pm. Follow us on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter for the latest airdates and other news.

ATB draws largest crowd ever at Indian Lake Theater in Upstate NY
Hugh and John ATB screening at Indian Lake Theater
On August 22, Hugh and John presented the film at the Indian Lake Theater in Indian Lake, New York in the heart of the Adirondacks. The idea for the screening was initiated by Ben Strader, Executive Director of the Blue Mountain Center for writers. Theater Manager, Sue Montgomery Corey said the audience of 109 was the largest they've had. After the film, the audience asked pointed questions in the Q&A.
Hugh and John Q&A Indian Lake Theater
Hugh was pleased to welcome old friends and neighbors from the surrounding communities, as well as some of his relatives and friends who were staying at Baekeland Camp.
Baekeland Camp
Baekeland Camp Main House
Photos of Baekeland Camp

In 1914, Baekeland and son, George had spent several days communing with nature in a log cabin on Bear Brook near Raquette Lake.

Ten years later, he purchased the property on a nearby lake for his wife Céline and the couple’s descendants. He spent one night, declared the place a firetrap and never returned.

Many thanks to Ben and Sue for your commitment and assistance in making the screening a success.

Please click the links to read local/regional articles promoting the event.
Hugh hiking in woods at Baekeland Camp
John in canoe - Baekeland Camp
Hugh and John enjoyed a hike with Hugh's cousin, Roberta Roll and friends.
John took a short row in a guide boat.
Upcoming screenings
VII International Baekeland Symposium
On October 15, Hugh will present the short version of the film with Spanish subtitles during the opening ceremony of the 7 th biennial Baekeland Thermoset Symposium in Tarragona, Spain. Please click the button below to learn more about the event.
Bedford Playhouse logo
ATB screening planned for Northern Westchester County Sunday, November 3 at 4pm.

After hearing about our screening at the Darien Historical Society in January this year, Cassie Ward, Executive Director of the New Castle Historical Society/Horace Greeley House in Chappaqua, NY contacted us and began organizing a screening for this fall.

Her thought was to collaborate with the Bedford and Mount Kisco Historical Societies. After meeting with the board, it was decided that all three will promote the event and show the film at the Bedford Playhouse in Bedford, NY.

Recently, Keri Walsh, Department of English Associate Professor and Director, Institute of Irish Studies at Fordham University and one of the New Castle Historical Society's Trustees stepped in to Cassie Ward's position.

Thank you Cassie, for initiating the event and getting the word out.

Special thanks to Dan Friedman, Director of Development and Lindsay Hearon, Marketing Director at the Bedford Playhouse.

Please click the link to purchase tickets for the event, which includes the film screening, Q&A with the filmmakers and Baekeland/Bakelite display of vintage items and family heirlooms. Ticket link >
Medallion Update

Marc reports WesTool Corporation has been working on perfecting the LHB medallion. Here's a sneak peek at the CAD 3D designs and relief molds.
LHB medallion CAD 3D design front.jpg
LHB medallion CAD 3D design back.jpg
LHB mold relief front.jpg
LHB medallion mold relief back.jpg
Talks progress with Eve Vitale on the SPE PlastiVan® Program

We're happy to announce communications are progressing with Eve Vitale, Chief Executive of Society of Plastics Engineers Foundation, regarding our film being included in their PlastiVan® Program. The plan is to offer our film accompanied by a study guide to high schools around the country.
NEW! Videos/Interviews coming to ATB website

  • Joseph Zuccarelli, longtime employee of The Bakelite Corporation and Union Carbide/Dow. View > 

  • 2009 Bakelite Roundtable research session with Director, John Maher and five employees at the Union Carbide/Dow facility in Bound Brook, New Jersey. View >

  • Interview with Pete Stewart, of Bridgeport, CT’s community sponsored radio station, WPKN, with Executive Producer, Hugh Karraker and Director, John Maher. April 1, 2019. View > 

  • Interview with David Schwartz and Dolly Curtis of Railroad Dave Radio, on CT's community sponsored radio station, WPKN with Executive Producer, Hugh Karraker, Director, John Maher and Media Manager, Marc Huberman. April 7, 2019. View >
Bergbau Museum logo
Five years ago, Dr. Elena Gómez Sánchez, Materials Scientist at the Bergbau Museum in Bochum, Germany contacted Hugh about showing our film. After undergoing extensive renovations last year, the museum has added an installation dedicated to Bakelite.

Thank you Dr. Sánchez, for including us in your exhibit. Thanks to Timo Hauge at the Museum, for creating a loop with footage from ATB, which plays on a monitor in the exhibit.
Bergbau Museum Exhibit pic 2 wide shot
Bergbau Museum Exhibit pic 1 close up
Brazilian Television
This summer, footage from the ATB trailer was used for a Brazilian Television Program on plastics pollution. View >

On Youtube (at 2 minutes into the program). View >

Thanks to journalist, Renata Cabral for reaching out to us.
All Things Bakelite: The Age of Plastic
Official Trailer
All Things Bakelite: The Age of Plastic
Official Trailer with Open Captioning