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RussoRights is pleased to announce that ATD's
The Art and Science of Training
from bestselling author and training guru Elaine Biech
hit #1 on the 
The Art and Science of Training
There are more similarities than differences between how artists and scientists work. Both ask countless questions. Both search in earnest for answers. Both are dedicated to reaching the best results. Not so different from today’s trainers, are they?

In this book, Elaine Biech, one of the most highly regarded names in talent development in the world, identifies the perfect blend of content mastery and audience insight that top facilitators rely on to deliver outstanding training experiences.
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Praise for  The Art and Science of Training

“If you could have only one book in your library that presents the latest research on training, choose this one. It is a veritable tour de force that cleverly combines the perspectives of art and science. With wonderful insights including learning theory, technology, enhanced delivery, and the latest research on transfer, Elaine's book is destined to be the bible of treatises on learning and development.”

—Jack Zenger, CEO, Zenger Folkman
Bestselling Author of The Extraordinary Leader