ATEC News: April 2020
New Workforce Report Will Provide Vital Benchmark For Industry Recovery
In one of the most valuable metrics for assessing the aviation maintenance pipeline, ATEC released its annual education survey, reporting measurable progress developing a sustainable pipeline of AMTs.

The 2020 Pipeline Report suggests that more and more students are choosing aviation careers while enjoying a rising return on their educational investment. Only 8% took jobs outside of aviation compared to 20% in 2016. The return on completing an A&P program is high; the average starting annual pay for a certificated mechanic is $45,000 compared to $16,321 in tuition investment.

Data was compiled just prior to the COVID pandemic, an event that will have measurable and lasting effects on the aviation industry. With continued school closures, wide-spread furloughs, and early retirements, impacts on workforce supply and demand are largely unknown as of yet. The 2020 Pipeline Report will be a vital benchmark as industry begins recovery.

A truncated version of the Pipeline Report, along with the executive summary and media package, is available at

The full version, to include the aviation maintenance school directory, is available to members only at
ATEC Webinar Tomorrow: Online Resource Highlight
As part of a series of webinars promoting online content delivery during the COVID pandemic, ATEC is highlighting one vendor with e-learning resources catered to aviation technical programs. Hear about courseware, trainers, and equipment provided by Nida Corporation and how schools can incorporate them into their curriculum during school closures. The live webinar will take place Tuesday, April 21 at 10 AM CDT. Register now .
ATEC Names Student, Educator of the Year
In partnership with the Northrop Rice Foundation and, ATEC presents annual awards for outstanding achievement. Congratulations to PIA educator Al Simon and Aviation Institute of Maintenance student Nicole Cain, this year's recipients of the Ivan D. Livi Aviation Maintenance Educator of the Year Award and the James Rardon Aviation Maintenance Technician Student of the Year Award. The recipients will be formally recognized at the upcoming annual conference in Forth Worth. Read more .
FAA Revises Inspector Guidance for Distance Learning
The agency revised a deviation memo, originally released on March 12, that removes a previously-imposed limitation that temporary distance learning content only be accessible to current program enrollees. The revised memo also adds a timeline for a return to traditional classroom delivery (30 days after termination of the deviation memo) for those schools that do not have permanent distance learning authorization. Read more .
Mark Your Calendars: ATEC Outreach Meetings
ATEC has announced its 2020 outreach calendar. Area schools, employers, and regulators are invited to attend the events, which are free to all attendees thanks to our generous hosts. This year's outreach meetings are scheduled to take place in Denver, Oshkosh, Daytona Beach, and Tulsa . Learn more and register .
Online School Directory: New and Improved
ATEC's online map of all schools with aviation maintenance-related programs, including FAA-certificated part 147 schools, is a compilation of annual survey responses and information publicly available through the National Center for Education Statistics and the FAA. The online resource was recently revised with 2019 ATEC survey responses, including 2020 graduate estimates and graduation dates. Read more.
Industry News
Oliver Wyman Sees 30% Hit to MRO Demand
After publishing its robust maintenance, repair and overhaul market outlook through 2030 in February, ARSA and Oliver Wyman have revised its forecast for MRO activity suggesting the current trajectory for fleet reductions and lower aircraft utilization would reduce global MRO demand in 2020 by over $26 billion, or almost 30%. Read more .
Covid-19: Industry Hiring Challenges
Headlines may be about announcing layoffs and furloughs but workforce experts caution how employers do it will determine the likelihood employees will come back. Companies recognize workforce is a key asset they need to maintain for business continuity, according to AvWeek Senior Editor Michael Bruno, one of four speakers in the publication’s recent workforce webinar. Read more .
Universities, Industry Create Free STEM Programming
In an effort to provide parents with innovative solutions to educating their children at home, aviation universities and industry have created a plethora of free online programing – including for-credit coursework – for high school students. The aim is to develop programming not only to show the link between STEM and aviation but to peak youngsters’ interest in aviation. Read more .
AIM Develops Dual Enrollment Program for Local Students
High school students in Norfolk and Hampton, VA, will be able to take four courses during their junior and senior years at Aviation Institute of Maintenance’s Norfolk campus under its new dual enrollment program. The school recently finished renovations to its new 109,000-square-foot campus on East Little Creek Road as part of an effort to find new pathways for student enrollment. Read more .
Department of Labor Issues Aviation Apprenticeship Final Rule
The U.S. Department of Labor published its final rule on expanding apprenticeships through the development of Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs (IRAPs). IRAPs are high-quality apprenticeship programs, recognized as such by a third-party entity under standards established by the department in the new rule. Read more .
JS Firm Reports Rising Job/Employee Search Activity
Despite the current uncertainty surrounding the economy, is reporting a 32% increase in overall website traffic compared to this time last year as it introduces a new job search feature to its website. Its career readiness webinars are open to the public, as are specific webinars with educational institutions throughout the country.
DOT Seeks Applications for Transportation Research Grants
T hrough its University Transportation Centers program, the Department of Transportation issued a Notice of Funding Opportunity covering $4.925 million in grants for future transportation research. Read more.
COVID Resources
Resources Landing Page
Aviation maintenance technical schools are facing unprecedented challenges during the coronavirus outbreak. With massive school closures, part 147 institutions must find innovative ways to serve their students. The new COVID resources page is intended to serve as a resource for schools that decide to go online. Read more.
Community Develops Matrix of Online Content for Part 147
The ATEC community has developed a compilation of online resources for use in the virtual classroom. The matrix will be frequently updated as additional sources are identified, users are asked to contribute. The member password is required to access. Read more.
Pre-Recorded Webinar: Taking Part 147 Instruction Online
Get a brief on FAA guidance providing relief for schools that do not currently have distance learning approval, best practices from other schools that are getting online platforms up and running, and information on online resources available for programs that decide to go online. Register here. .
Pre-Recorded Webinar: Solutions to Teaching Labs
While delivery of “level 1” part 147 content is relatively straightforward, challenges abound for schools that want to provide students the opportunity to complete lab work needed to graduate A&P programs. Get information on some online resources, how some are narrowing the scope of what needs to be done in-person vs. remotely, and using real-world experience as a stopgap for part 147 requirements. Register here.
Member Q&A: Using Previous Experience to Satisfy Part 147 Requirements
During the COVID shutdown, schools are exploring ways to provide students opportunities to finish lab work that cannot be completed on school property. Some are utilizing section 147.31(c)(3), and issuing credit for experience received outside the classroom. Read more.
Member Resources
Find Opportunities on the ATEC Job Board
Through a partnership with, ATEC provides maintenance career opportunities through its online job board. Members receive 20% off job postings at, and member schools receive, annually, a free job ad to promote open instructor positions.
Find open positions and learn more here.
ATEC Journal Call for Papers - Due May 1
The peer-reviewed publication provides an opportunity for educators, administrators, students, and industry personnel to share teaching techniques and research. Authors are encouraged to submit their articles for publication consideration, whether scholarly, research, application, or industry opinion. Accepted papers will also be considered for webinar presentation and inclusion in the 2021 annual conference.  Read more .
Scholarships and Deadlines
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