Varsity Girls Volleyball Awards
Back Row: Callia Fox, Gillian McClymont, Head Coach Mark Spoonhour,
Micah Ocalewski, Eliana Darr

Middle Row: Alyssa Neff, Anna Elder, Rachel McCollum

Front Row: Anna Tomasetti, Alexandria Neff
Hello Covenant student athletes and families!

I hope this email finds you all doing well and staying healthy. April is the time of year we usually stop to reflect on our athletic seasons and celebrate individual athletic performances. Unfortunately, our 2019-2020 athletic awards had to be adapted like nearly everything else in our lives during the Coronavirus. Each of our coaches has taken the time to put together a video in order to celebrate their season and their athletes. I hope you will take the time and watch these and share in the joys of our hardworking students.

Before we continue, there are 3 groups of people I would like to specifically thank. The first is Dr Sonju and our Board of Directors. Thank you for the leadership and direction you’ve provided to allow our students to compete (Here is a short greeting from Dr. Sonju to all of our athletes in case you missed it). The second group is our amazing coaches. Our coaches are some of the best people I know. They love our students and our community so well. They give sacrificially of their time and resources. Even with unlimited resources, we would still be unable to compensate them adequately for all they do. And finally, I’d like to thank our parents. The parents are really the backbone of our athletics. So much would not be accomplished without willing and loving parents like we have. Thank you all for the countless hours you have contributed to our program.

Please enjoy our 2019-20 Athletic Awards.

Mrs. Hoover

Most Valuable Player (MVP)  –
Presented to the player who is the best statistical player on the team.
Most Improved Player (MIP)  –
Given to the player who demonstrated the most improvement and growth over the course of the season
Coach’s Award  –
Given to the player who is the most important to the team overall. This player was not only important statistically to the team but in character, attitude, leadership, etc.

CCAC (Commonwealth Christian Athletic Conference) All-Conference Award
This is an award that is voted on by all the coaches in the conference. The winners are recognized as among the most talented in the conference.

Congratulations to...

Anna Elder

Alexandria Neff

Coach's Award
Rachel McCollum

CCAC All-Conference Award
Anna Elder, Rachel McCollum, Eliana Darr