Moving ahead in 2023

ATP is making plans to move ahead in 2023. We continue to explore ways we can improve our service delivery.

We thank all of our partners for their referrals and cooperation as we work together to meet the needs of consumers.

We hope this message will provide a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes as we help consumers identify appropriate and cost effective technology and modifications, access potential funding sources, and work to improve and expand policies and procedures.

Tobias J. Orr, Director

The Lincoln office will be moving to 500 South 84th Street. This location has space for the Nebraska Department of Education, including Nebraska VR.

This will provide an opportunity for ATP to communicate and network with all of the Nebraska Department of Education programs and staff.

The plans for the new location include an efficientt use of space, expanded storage, and access to conference rooms to accommodate large and small meetings.

The ReUse Network is a cooperative group of organizations working to connect people to the equipment they need. The Network began in 2005 when a statewide equipment drive delivered donations to Katrina hurricane survivors.

Why is the network important?

The goal of Equipment Reuse is to help consumers access equipment not covered by insurance, ineligible for funding, or when no funding is available.

Cultivating Partnerships are the key to equipment reuse. Without members of the ReUse Network making referrals, working with consumers to secure and donate items, and helping promote, the program would not be able to assist individuals returning home from the hospital, work at a new job, or pursue their education

Bryan Bingham, ATP Equipment Associate, (left in both photos), and Maddie Pittmann, ATP Technology Specialist, Omaha ATP office, (center in both photos), recently met with two ReUse Network Partners in Omaha to share success stories and strategize for 2023.

Top photo:

Hanah Wieger, Equipment Loan Program Coordinator, Nebraska Methodist Hospital

Bottom photo:

Kurt Bush, Executive Director, HELP Adult Services

Working behind the scenes:

Goals that make a difference

@ Home: Nebraska Health and Human Services

• Reviewing ATP procedures to streamline for efficiency

• On-going digitizing of historical files

• Updating case management system to improve ease of use


Resource Coordination

• Build a resource library for technology and home and vehicle modifications

Recruit advisory council members-Apply to be a Council Member

ATP Needs Contractors

During 2022 ATP has used ads in Facebook and business magazines to recruit contractors for home modifications, including ramps, doorway widening, and accessible showers.

A commercial is streaming for three months in central and western Nebraska on ESPN, Fox News, NFL, NBC News, etc.

Special Education Accessibility

During the coming year staff will focus on promoting all of ATP services beyond the classroom, including home modifications.

We also want to focus on equipment issues and help to connect schools to vendors who do repairs.


The ATP Education program has been providing technical assistance to members of IEP and IFSP teams across the state. These include a series of webinars, book studies, and online learning cohorts through the ATP Education Academy. 

The ATP Education Program is focusing on two projects as we move into Spring 2023. First, Technical Assistance Guidance Documents for IFSP and IEP teams are being drafted in collaboration with stakeholder feedback. 

Second, a series of online self-paced courses are being developed for parents, guardians, and families with support from the Nebraska Council on Development Disabilities. Another series is being developed for IFSP Teams in cooperation with the Early Development Network. Both sets of courses focus on aspects of assistive technology and assistive technology services for children and students receiving special education services in Nebraska.

Employment: Nebraska VR

• Our Partnership with Nebraska VR continues as we work together on Pre-ETS, Project Search, CPAP (Career Pathways Advancement Project), and a brain injury pilot.

• We also look forward to be attending conferences and events to share new solutions for work, school, and training.