ATPF Friends, Families & Supporters,
In light of the  Presidential Address March 11  regarding the spread of the coronavirus, recommendations from the  CDC , statements from  California Governor Gavin Newsom  and the  World Health Organization , our ATPF Executive Team has decided to postpone large-scale gatherings to best protect our families. 
With your health and safety in mind, coupled with the 1,000 guests expected at April’s  ATPF Sweet 16 Gala ,  we are rescheduling the Gala to  Saturday, September 26, 2020 . You can read more about our  Gala here.   As of today, we are not cancelling our other (smaller) community events, programs and services to support our families.   However, please continue to check our social media for more updates, including closures from the venues hosting our family events.   
With love & gratitude, 
The ATPF Team

We continue to closely monitor developments related to the Coronavirus, through regular updates from the  Centers for Disease Control , the  CA Department of Public Health  and traditional news outlets. We urge you to do the same and carefully consider all suggestions to minimize exposure. While it appears the prevalence of the virus in California is relatively low, news around the virus continue to change rapidly across the country and the world. The safety of our ATPF families is paramount. 
To that end, our March community events will remain on our  calendar  should your families—after reviewing all available information from the CDC and California Department of Public Health—elect to participate.   However, please continue to check ATPF’s website and social media daily for cancellations (whether by us or the venue) as we continue to monitor the virus.        
For the safety of the staff and attendees, if you or any of your family members have:
1.      Traveled to China, South Korea, Japan, Iran, or Italy within the past 30 days
2.      Come in contact with anyone diagnosed with the virus or anyone being tested for the virus
3.      Are experiencing symptoms of: fever (over 100), cough, or shortness of breath
Please refrain from attending  ANY  ATPF event.
Finally, some sources are suggesting there may be closures in schools, behavioral clinics and similar in-home care/ABA.  In addition to potentially (but temporarily) losing access to services, this may also pose a disruption to our impacted-children’s routines.  We are actively consulting with community experts on how to mitigate these concerns upon office/school closures or personal decisions to remain at home. We will provide our community with additional information to ensure we all do our best to protect our children during these challenging times.     
Our commitment to serve the ATPF community remains as steadfast as ever, we will navigate these challenges together.  
With love & gratitude, 
The ATPF Team