Access to Recovery (ATR) Provides Recovery Supports
for People with Substance Use Disorders
ATR UPDATE | October 2020
New and Improved Processes are Operational for New Referrals into Access to Recovery (ATR)
A new grant funding stream has begun and ATR is now taking new referrals again!

See below how ATR continues to pivot to make our services more accessible for a remote working environment. 
Beginning October 5, 2020, ATR officially began accepting new participant referrals once again. With a newly developed electronic referral process involving HIPPA-compliant electronic form submissions, we expect this process to be easier, especially for staff working from home at our referral organizations.

We've conducted webinar trainings for all of our authorized referring portals and they have already been utilizing the new electronic referral process successfully.

For information on referrals to ATR, please visit our website

Also beginning October 5, 2020, ATR implemented a totally new user-friendly electronic service management system. The company who designed this system, called FALLING COLORS, customized it for the unique needs of the complex operational requirements of ATR. Totally streamlined, it handles all of our participants’ referrals for services, billing, and payment, as well as application, acceptance, enrollment, and attendance tracking for our many job training programs.

Our Sober Home Pilot Continues...

Housing is such a critical part of maintaining recovery, and now ATR can continue to help participants with their housing needs.

Through additional funding received from BSAS, we are thrilled to be able to continue providing housing services to ATR participants facing housing insecurity. For eligible ATR participants, we provide up to 5 months of rental assistance into a MASH certified Sober Home in our 4 locations: Boston, Worcester, New Bedford, and Springfield/Holyoke.

All authorized ATR referral portals determine which of their ATR-enrolled clients/patients are in need of housing assistance and can submit referrals through our new electronic referral process.

Click here for more information about referring an ATR participant to the Sober Home Pilot.
COVID Creates a Changing Environment and Technology Issues for ATR Participants and ATR Responds!!!!
The COVID-19 crisis created a standstill with many of our ATR services. When delivery of services turned virtual, it put active participants with limited access to computers/technology at a serious disadvantage.
Most of the job training programs in our ATR Career Building Initiative (CBI) transitioned to either fully virtual or a hybrid of online and in-person instruction. Since most of our participants did not have computers, we were facing a serious access issue. Our Paths to Empowerment (P2E) career readiness program, co-developed with the MassHire Holyoke Career Center, has been translated to a fully online virtual classroom experience.
Committed to ensuring equitable access to all training offered, ATR ensured that participants would have the equipment necessary to fully engage in their desired job training program. ATR paid for Chromebooks, Wi-Fi hotspots, and headphones for participant use while in training and made sure that all programs provided technical support to get them up and running. ATR overcame this serious digital divide by prioritizing use of grant funds for this purpose..
Upcoming Job Training Programs!
ATR's CBI programs are starting new class sessions this fall! Many of our programs are offered fully online, but there are a few programs that are offered in-person or in a hybrid format.

For a listing of upcoming CBI sessions click here.

To learn more about each of the programs offered in our four locations, please click below.
If interested in attending a program, ATR participants should contact their ATR Coordinator.
ATR offers real solutions. Thousands of people in Massachusetts can now access desperately needed recovery support services to help them recover from addiction.

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