June 2018
From the President
Greetings! ATN has been around for almost half a century now. There used to be lots of hype about what it could do and lots of avid(or) naysayers too. Now there is more hype about driverless cars and Hyperloop.

Driverless cars will supposedly reduce congestion, in part because computers have better reaction times than humans. Maybe they will some day, but my Subaru's adaptive cruise control has slower reaction times than I do. It does not react to the preceding car's brake lights or slowing until the distance is noticeably diminishing. Then it brakes harder than I would in the circumstances.

Musk claims Hyperloop can be built down freeway rights-of-way and do hundreds of miles per hour. Sorry Elon, freeway horizontal and vertical geometry is designed for much lower speeds and simply will not work at your proposed speeds.

In both the above instances passenger comfort seems to be being sacrificed. Even if you can find an inappropriate standard to comply with (such as for amusement facilities) it just seems dumb to not strive to provide the smoothest ride possible.
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Peter Muller, ATRA President
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by J. Edward Anderson, first ATRA President.

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It’s decades past time to get transit lines rolling – move now
Miami Beach sent the state a plan to join with Miami and run light rail from 63rd Street on the Beach south and then across the bay to downtown Miami.

The whole thing could be done for $220 million to $260 million, the plan said, running rail every 10 to 15 minutes for 19 hours and carrying 30,000 people a day.

India turns hot spot for global firms offering smart mobility
New Delhi: India’s quest for smart mobility has made the country a hot spot for international companies to offer their latest technologies such as pod taxis, hyperloop, electric vehicles, cable cars and ropeways.

Enjoy the lines at Disneyland? You'll love Elon Musk's idea for transit
Have you ever tried to drive out of Dodger Stadium and waited an hour to get to the freeway? Have you ever stood in an interminably long line for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland? Congratulations: You've had a preview of the bottleneck joys of Loop, Elon Musk's idea for an underground "personal rapid transit" system.

While the author does not seem to understand PRT well, neither does Elon.
Discovery Canada
Even though big cities have rideshare programs, buses, and trains, we all know it can still be hard to get to your destination. Enter the Superway from the engineer students at San Jose University!

3 companies keen to run pod taxis in Gurugram
GURUGRAM: Three companies have submitted bids to the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to run pod taxis in Gurugram, a pet project of Union minister Nitin Gadkari.

The bids came after the NHAI invited expressions of interest (EoI) in March 2018. The bids are currently under evaluation, according to NHAI’s reply to a right to information query.

TransitX launches new website
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