April 2018
From the President
Greetings! work has started on the Greenville Automated Transit Network (ATN) Feasibility Study encompassing Greenville, Mauldin and Clemson in South Carolina. The study will investigate the potential of GreenPods (the local name for personal rapid transit or ATN) to increase mobility and alleviate congestion. Two public workshops were held in which participants learned about multi-modal technology options. 
Workshop attendees developed and voted on the attributes they would like to see in various transportation modes other than bicycles and walking. Top attributes included safety, convenience, reliability, frequency, cost, and rapid travel. They also evaluated different mode technologies against each attribute. Each technology’s rating for each attribute was then multiplied by the votes for that attribute and the results summed for all attributes for each mode technology. In this way, a measure of the public acceptance was obtained for the technologies considered. The chart presents cumulative public acceptance scores by mode.
While some may be surprised that the car was not ranked highest, this is because participants accounted for factors such as safety, sustainability and congestion. Autonomous shuttles and streetcars suffered because participants wanted wider area solutions and faster travel.

Participants went on-line to answer binary questions about their travel preference choices to help determine what the ridership of a GreenPod or gondola system may be. A similar survey will be posted on various websites in order to obtain wider input. The study is scheduled to be completed in four months. 

The bi-annual ASCE APM Conference is in Tampa later this month. Many ATRA members will be participating. I hope to see you there!

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Peter Muller, ATRA President
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A Winning Combination
Shannon Sanders McDonald
The Southern Illinois University (SIU) Fall 2017 Architecture Masters Comprehensive Studio had the design challenge of integrating an elevated solar powered automated transit network, designed by the engineering students at San Jose State University (SJSU), into downtown San Jose CA connecting the North and South Campuses of SJSU.

The History of the Advanced Transit Association (ATRA)
Year Thirteen - 1988

By Dr. J. Edward Anderson

Other News
Pinellas man proposes magnetic levitation transit system
CLEARWATER (FOX 13) - Cars backed up on the way to Clearwater Beach is a familiar sight this time of year.

A Pinellas County man says he has a modern solution to our traffic woes, not just near the beach, but clear to Tampa and St. Pete.

Get on board with driverless transit, Edmonton told
As Edmonton redesigns its bus system and paves the path for more LRT lines, two companies are asking the city to include autonomous transit in Edmonton's future network.

Clearwater company pushes futuristic solution to local traffic congestion
There’s an old saying that, “you can’t build your way out of [traffic] congestion.”

But a Clearwater company has ambitious plans to build a way over it.
BeachTran Clearwater proposes using emerging technology known as Aerial Personal Rapid Transit (APRT) to move people back and forth between downtown Clearwater and Clearwater Beach, one of the Tampa Bay Area’s most popular and most congested routes to the beach.

Self-driving pods could be the future of urban transport in Greenville
Imagine for a moment that you push a button and a personal cab arrives to take you to your destination. Instead of traveling on a congested interstate or highway that’s plagued with damaging potholes, your cab quickly zooms off across a system of elevated tracks. That’s the vision of Greenville County Councilman Fred Payne.

Nice article even though I do not recall saying many of the things attributed to me! 
Boarding a flight of fancy on Fool’s Day
To increase the parking fee or not to increase the parking fee at parking lots in the city? The question has created quite a furor among the inhabitants of the City Beautiful and led to tensions between the firm operating the parking lots and the civic body.

This article is included because it mentions the Chandigarh Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) System in India.
GATEway Project: This Driverless Pod Could Be The Future Of Public Transport
Hidden away behind the O2 in Greenwich, London is one of the most important research and development programmes into driverless vehicles.

The GATEway project has been designed to not only come up with a possible solution to public transport but also to gauge how society feels about these vehicles in everyday life.

George’s dream unlikely to be approved by Cabinet in this tenure
The dream project of Bengaluru Development and Town Planning Minister KJ George -- Pod Taxi network in the city -- is likely to remain just a dream for another few months, though it has been given the go-ahead by the Infrastructure Development Corporation of Karnataka (iDECK).

With polls round the corner, pod taxis may not take off now
BENGALURU: The government’s much-hyped personalized rapid transport project — pod taxis — may not become a reality soon.

Mayor Sampath Raj had earlier said they were hopeful of starting the groundwork in January. But now Palike sources said the project won’t take off till the assembly elections are over.

How Will Driverless Vehicles Impact Greenville, Mauldin and Clemson?
A study of the feasibility of automated transit networks (ATN) with ultralight GreenPod vehicles to improve mobility and reduce congestion is being undertaken in Greenville, Mauldin and Clemson. 

US firm to study cable car transport in Baguio City
A LOCAL construction company affiliated with a United States-based developer of a solar-powered surface transportation network has offered to conduct a feasibility study on the operation of an alternative transport system using “solar-powered flying pods” or cable cars in Baguio City.

TransitX is the US Company
Entrepreneur urges council not to be too quick with LRT spending
Just hit pause on the west leg of the Valley Line LRT — that’s the message magnetic-levitation transit entrepreneur Dan Corns has for city council.

The world is on the cusp of a revolution — driverless on-demand shuttles that will make LRT look slow, overbuilt and onerous, said Corns. Build a $2.24-billion rail line to the west end and it might look obsolete before it opens.

Govt invites EoI for 1st pod taxi project in India
New Delhi: The government has invited expression of interest (EoI) to execute India's maiden pod taxi project on Delhi-Gurgaon corridor, Parliament was informed on Thursday. The development follows a high-level panel recommending inviting fresh bids for the project, also known as Personal Rapid Transport (PRT), conforming to the strictest safety standards on the lines of those prescribed by an American body.

Accelerate and Automate: Greenville’s Investment in Smart City Transportation
Urban planners and technology experts are hard at work bringing “smart city” technology—autonomous transportation, digital sensors, smart grids, and, yes, artificial intelligence—to a city near you. These were among the takeaways from a panel discussion at the 2018 ULI Carolinas Meeting in Greenville, South Carolina

Elon Musk says The Boring Company’s Loop will prioritize pedestrians, cyclists
Elon Musk started The Boring Company in late 2016 because he was frustrated by sitting in his car in Los Angeles traffic. A system of tunnels, he reasoned, would alleviate certain traffic choke points. The idea turned into reality throughout 2017, as Musk tore up the parking lot outside of his SpaceX headquarters, testing boring machinery to find weak spots that engineers might improve upon to make tunnel-digging faster and cheaper.

This new video from skyTran portrays a vision for the future that promises a better quality of life. Why not bring the station all the way down to grade, or, at least, closer?

The future of public transportation could be tested in Leominster or Fitchburg
Leominster and Fitchburg are being eyed by a Boston-based transportation start-up named Transit X as potential sites for a new solar-powered monorail system.

"It's the biggest thing that nobody's heard of yet," company CEO Mike Stanley said on Thursday.

Test track has 33 times lower air pressure as progress towards 4000 kilometer per hour trains
A maglev (magnetic levitation) line would use partly or fully evacuated tubes or tunnels. Reduced air resistance could permit vactrains to travel at very high speeds with relatively little power—up to 6,400–8,000 km/h (4,000–5,000 mph). This is 5–6 times the speed of sound in Earth’s atmosphere at sea level.

Personal Rapid Transit moves into study for Baylink route
Amid commissioners’ complaints that the SMART plan for the county’s transit expansion has a moving deadline and no momentum, Miami-Dade may soon find relief in one of the six planned corridors. Commission Chairman Esteban Bovo Jr. gave the informal OK for the county to include Personal Rapid Transit [PRT] in its study of Baylink, the corridor crossing Biscayne Bay to connect Miami Beach to downtown.

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