October 2017
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The History of the Advanced Transit Association (ATRA)
Year Seven - 1985

By Dr. J. Edward Anderson

Other News
Gondola, aerial transit proposals presented at Forward Pinellas transportation forum
ST. PETERSBURG — The ideas weren't exactly from Marty McFly's milieu, but even St. Petersburg developer Darryl Leclair expressed some incredulity over his involvement with a project presented Thursday at the Forward Pinellas Transportation Technology Forum.

Gurugram, Varanasi, Nagpur in fray for pod taxi pilot
Varanasi, Nagpur and Gurugram have been shortlisted to test rapid transport systems using pod cars—driverless vehicles that run along a pre-determined course.

Connect Arlington approved as solution to city's public transportation deficit
After a 12-month process, a mayor-appointed committee has approved a report intended as a solution to Arlington's public transportation woes

The future of transportation was once a personal podcar system in West Virginia
Nestled in the green foothills of the Allegheny Mountains in West Virginia is a college town, Morgantown, pop. 31,000, that is home to what was once hailed as the future of public transportation in the United States.

Japan trials driverless cars in bid to keep rural elderly on the move
NISHIKATA, Japan (Reuters) - As the annual rice harvest begins this month in the Japanese town of Nishikata, the combines that usually putter along the sleepy roads lining its rice fields are giving way to a vehicle residents have never before seen, a driverless shuttle bus.

It's time to build a pod transport system in Cambridge
Robin Heydon, chair of the Cambridge Cycling Campaign, explains the benefits of a personal rapid transport network

Chinese company looks to shatter Musk’s Hyperloop record with 2,300 mph system
The China Aerospace Science and Industrial Corporation will begin development of supersonic transportation technology, rivaling Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s designs with an intercontinental model that will travel at speeds up to 2,300 mph.

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