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                 June 2017
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Now would be a good time to start thinking about the upcoming Podcar City and Advanced Transit Conference in Las Vegas in November. Should you go? Can you contribute a paper/presentation? Who should you inform about it? Is Vegas worth the gamble? Would your significant other like to join you?

Watch the News around the end of the month for a significant announcement!

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The History of the Advanced Transit Association (ATRA)

Chapter Three by Dr J. Edward Anderson

1978 - The Third Year

Significant Events

Assessment of Operational Automated Guideway Systems - Jetrail, by George Anagnostopoulos et. al. 280 pp.

Development/Deployment Investigation of Cabintaxi/Cabinlift Systems, by V. J. Hobbs, W. Heckelmann, N. G. Patt, J. H. Hill, 432 pp.

Over 200 people attended the ACT Conference sponsored by the USDOT's Transportation Systems Center in Cambridge, Mass. Read more...
Dendera & BeachTran Sign MOU for Personal Rapid Transit in Florida

Dendera LLC, and BEACHTRAN USA, LLC. have signed a MOU with the intention of developing a Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system that utilizes an aerial guideway with computer controlled pods to move people around Clearwater as an alternative to conventional bus or light rail. Read more...

Clemson looks at futuristic transit options

CLEMSON - Unconventional - even overhead - approaches could figure into future solutions to Clemson's traffic congestion issues.

The assembling of a 3rd generation self-driving vehicle.

Have a peek of assembling a 3rd generation self-driving vehicle. These self-driving vehicles will link the new waterfront living destination of Bluewaters Island with the city's network of metro stations in Dubai. View Video...

Systems Engineering Applied to Urban Transportation

Since the early 1950's a growing number of engineers and planners have recognized that, short of teleportation, the best way to make a significant improvement in urban transportation involves some form of Personal Rapid Transit (PRT).

Palike plans pod cars to cut pressure on city's roads, experts sceptical

The BBMP has embarked on an ambitious project of starting pod taxi services in the city to ease traffic. The Palike has floated global tenders for it.
Princeton Smart Driving Cars Summit May 17-17, 2017


Unless we share them, self-driving vehicles will just make traffic worse

After decades of relative stagnation, the world of transportation is on the cusp of multiple revolutions. The biggest three:

Pod taxi on track, BBMP floats global tenders

BENGALURU: Urban experts and civic activists might be skeptical about the proposed  pod taxi project for five city stretches, but a confident  BBMP is going ahead with it.

  Are pods the future of public transport?

The vision for high-speed rail between Toowoomba and Brisbane is a flight of fantasy at this time. Read more...

Why We Should Be Sceptical About Pod Taxi Projects For Bengaluru And Gurugram

Earlier this month, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) had approved a pod taxi project proposal involving six lines in the city. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) had earlier proposed a pod system in Gurugram, while NITI Aayog has proposed the SkyTran in a new transport policy. Read more...

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