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                 March 2017
From the President....

The annual ATRA Board Meeting was held by phone on February 23rd.

Welcome to new ATRA board members J. Edward Anderson, Matthew Lesh, Stan Young (returning) and Joerg Schweizer! Elected to continue on the board for another term are Ingmar Andreasson, Alain Kornhauser, Shannon Sanders McDonald, Peter Muller and Tony Newkirk.

Many thanks to outgoing board members Reuben Juster. Alexander Kyllman, and Goran Tegner - your service is much appreciated.

The following will continue as officers: Alain Kornhasuer, Chairman; Peter Muller, President; Ingmar Andreasson, Vice President; Christopher Juniper Treasurer; Gary Hsueh, Treasurer.

Peter Muller
As always, enjoy reading!

Best regards,
Peter Muller, P.E., ATRA President

Association of Equipment Manufacturers' Transportation Infrastructure Vision 2050 Challenge

March 10th, 2017
ATRA President, Peter Muller was second prize winner in the Association of Equipment Manufacturers' Transportation Infrastructure Vision 2050 Challenge.

JTA demonstrates driverless
vehicles in Jacksonville

Jacksonville residents and officials boarded a driverless vehicle Wednesday to experience what likely will be the future of transit here.

The rounded red-and-black vehicle navigated its way seamlessly through the parking lot across from Intuition Ale Works on East Bay Street. It slipped past a concrete pole without bumping the obstacle - and when a reporter accidentally stepped in front of the oncoming vehicle, it stopped. Read more...

Denver team's travel pods awarded at transportation competition

Push a button and a personal cab will arrive to take you to your destination, traveling along a private track. That's the vision of Peter Muller, whose team from PRT Consulting won second place this week at a trade show competition focused on rethinking transportation. Read more...

Govt working on policy to
pave way for SkyTran,
Hyperloop, EVs

The government is working on a multi-pronged strategy to solve urban transportation and environmental issues, according to an official at Niti Ayog. This includes a new policy to encourage use of electric vehicles for public transport while testing new concepts like Hyperloop and SkyTran. Read more...

Next-generation Skyway: A look at the types of driverless vehicles that might replace Jacksonville's monorail

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority's plan to expand and replace the existing Skyway system with autonomous vehicles is based on technology that's already being used. Read more...

Dutch autonomous vehicle
to operate without driver

From 2018, 2GetThere's ParkShuttle autonomous vehicle, which has been operated by Connexxion at the Rivium business park in Capelle aan den IJssel in the Netherlands since 1999, will begin operating on public roads without a driver or supervisor. Read more...

P52-billion elevated highway proposed

A P52-billion elevated highway that will connect the cities of Manila to Taguig through Pasig River have been proposed to the Duterte Administration intended to ease, if not eliminate, traffic in EDSA and other major thoroughfares in metropolis. Read more...

Passenger drones may be flying
people around Dubai by July

We've gotten pretty used to hearing about cool new modes of transport that may or may not be coming to Dubai in the near future.

But Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority surprised us all this week by announcing that passenger drones (basically self-flying, air taxis) - otherwise known as autonomous aerial vehicles - will be soaring above the city as early as July.

Disney wants to build an "aerial tramway" between the Disney World parks

Disney's "skybuckets" are fondly remembered as the best place in the themepark to do some sneaky kissin', but they were also a magnet for antisocial behavior, from smoking weed to spitting on people to jumping out of them -- and they proved lethal to park maintenance crews. Read more...

Dewberry to study feasibility
of autonomous vehicle
transportation network in Florida

Professional services firm Dewberry has been selected by Walton County to study the feasibility of an autonomous vehicle transportation network along Country Road 30A. Read more...

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