ATRInsider August 2021 | Vol. 17 Issue 3
ATRI-Developed Assessment Tool Shows Promise for Identifying Safe, Younger Drivers
ATRI recently released results of the Phase 1 Beta Test of its Younger Driver Assessment Tool. This is the second in a series of technical memoranda from ATRI exploring the potential for an assessment tool to identify the safest drivers among 18-20 year olds, a critical component of expanding interstate CDL eligibility to younger drivers. The recently passed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act provides for a three-year, national pilot program based on the DRIVE-Safe Act, designed to provide a pathway for 18-20-year-old drivers to undergo advanced safety training in order to participate in interstate commerce.

Results from ATRI’s beta test show promise for the statistically validated assessment to differentiate safer drivers from less safe drivers. ATRI’s beta test administered a comprehensive assessment battery to current commercial truck drivers. Truck drivers who participated in the assessment represented a broad range of ages (20-60 years old), driving experience and safety performance. Among the measures tested in the assessment were personality traits, reasoning, impulsivity, sensation-seeking, sleep quality, and cognitive control. Participating drivers’ safety performance was evaluated using motor vehicle record and pre-employment screening program data on safety violations and crash involvement. (Read More)
ATRI’s Dan Murray Receives Trucking Federation’s Prestigious Halladay Award
The Trucking Association Executives Council recognized ATRI Senior Vice President Dan Murray with the prestigious J.R. “Bob” Halladay Award. 

Presented to individuals who have made significant contributions to assist and support the work of the 50 state trucking associations that comprise the ATA Federation, the Halladay Award is only awarded when a TAEC region hosting the annual meeting deems an individual worthy of recognition.

“Region 3 and the entire TAEC family is honored to be able to recognize Dan and appropriately thank him for all the tremendous work he has done for the industry and the state associations over his many years of service. We are all better because of Dan and the outstanding support he provides us through valuable data, research and information that is paramount in our ability to serve our respective memberships,” said TAEC Immediate Past Chair Brenda Neville, president and CEO of the Iowa Motor Truck Association.
ATRI Assists Nebraska Trucking Association With Teen Focus Group on Trucking Careers
Nebraska Trucking Association (NTA) and Nebraska Trucking Foundation, in partnership with the University of Nebraska-Omaha and ATRI, conducted a trucking career focus group earlier this year aimed at learning what messages are most effective for the next generation and ultimately helping to ease the driver shortage for Nebraska carriers.

The NTA Virtual Focus Group brought together a group of Nebraska high school students to weigh in on messages aimed at careers in trucking. Some NTA members created advertisements geared toward boosting the reputation of trucking as a career. Those ads were presented to the focus group of students who discussed their thoughts about the ads and their reactions were documented in a study that you can download here. NTA plans to use the information gathered during this focus group to polish the messaging and promote trucking as a career possibility to future generations.

Driver shortage remains a top concern in the trucking industry and has ranked #1 in ATRI's Top Industry Issues survey for the past four years.
There's Still Time!
For-Hire Motor Carriers Asked to Participate in ATRI's Annual Ops Costs Data Collection
ATRI is currently collecting data from for-hire motor carriers for its annual update to the Operational Costs of Trucking report. This annual analysis is used as a key benchmarking tool by motor carriers of all sizes. Public sector agencies also utilize ATRI’s real-world data analysis to make better-informed transportation planning and infrastructure investment decisions. Most recently, ATRI’s Operational Costs of Trucking data was used to quantify impacts from the I-40 bridge closure in Memphis.
For-hire motor carriers are encouraged to provide operational cost data to ATRI by Friday, September 3, 2021. Participating motor carriers will receive an advance copy of the full report.
The State of Truck Parking Featured at Thrive Regional Partnership's 2021 Freight Forum
On August 11th as part of the Thrive Regional Partnership's 2021 Freight Forum, ATRI President and COO Rebecca Brewster spoke to a group of business leaders and Tennessee lawmakers on The State of Truck Parking and why it is such a big issue in the trucking industry.

“There simply aren’t enough places for drivers to park,” says Brewster. “A lot of public rest areas limit the amount of time that vehicles can be parked there, sometimes you’ll see signs that say two hours. If we could remove those limitations, professional truck drivers could get their mandated hours of rest.”

Truck Parking ranked as the #1 issue for drivers in ATRI's 2020 Top Industry Issues survey and #3 overall. (Read More)
While ATRI celebrates its 20th year of providing critical research to address trucking's top issues, consider this…

In the past 12 months alone, ATRI has released impactful research on multiple top trucking issues such as the impact of Nuclear Verdicts, a comprehensive analysis of Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Taxes, the Annual Top Truck Bottleneck List and don’t forget ATRI’s most requested annual study, the Operational Costs of Trucking. If you Google any of these hot topics online, you’ll find ATRI’s name referenced in almost every single search that comes up. Now, multiply that impact by 20 years. That's 20 years that ATRI has been working tirelessly for trucking, and if you are in trucking that means that ATRI is working for YOU. If you’ve ever downloaded a FREE ATRI report from, then you understand and appreciate the value that ATRI delivers each and every day.
Why not join the hundreds of individuals and organizations who have generously provided support and contributions over the last two decades to ensure ATRI’s legacy for the future? 

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This year ATRI celebrates 20 years of providing critical research to address the trucking industry’s top issues. Since our reorganization into ATRI in 2001, the Institute has relied on charitable contributions from industry stakeholders to support our research improving the industry’s safety and productivity. As we celebrate 20 years of research excellence, please join us in recognizing our newest contributors. Along with our current annual supporters, their contributions allow us to deliver on our mission each and every day.

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