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ATRInsider January 2024 | Volume 20, Issue 1

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New ATRI Research Analyzes Predatory Towing and Efforts to Prevent It

ATRI has released research that examines the causes and countermeasures of predatory heavy-duty towing, with the goal of improving the relationship between the towing and trucking industries. The most common types of predatory towing were excessive rates, experienced by 82.7 percent of motor carriers, and unwarranted extra service charges, experienced by 81.8 percent of carriers. A majority of carriers encountered additional issues such as truck release or access delays, cargo release delays, truck seizure without cause, and tows misreported as consensual.

A comprehensive analysis of crash-related towing records found that 29.8 percent of invoices include excessive rates or unwarranted additional charges. The leading causes contributing to this total were miscellaneous service charges (found in 8% of invoices), administrative fees (found in 6.5% of invoices), and equipment rates (found in 6.3% of invoices).

The report also includes an online compendium of state towing regulations and describes key areas to improve the coverage and application of regulations to close existing loopholes.

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Is California Ready for an Electric Vehicle Future?

ATRI has released an analysis examining the state of California’s readiness for full vehicle electrification. The research expands on ATRI’s 2022 report, Charging Infrastructure Challenges for the U.S. Electric Vehicle Fleet, by providing a more granular analysis of the challenges in one state as it moves toward widespread deployment of electric vehicles. Following a similar methodology as ATRI’s national analysis, this statewide analysis focuses on grid sufficiency for powering all vehicles, the cost of electricity, the challenges in sourcing materials for batteries, and the expected increase in supply chain costs as the trucking industry experiences significantly increased vehicle costs.

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ATRI Issues Call for Motor Carriers and Owner-Operators to Participate in Detention Survey

As part of a larger study on the impacts of truck driver detention on the industry, ATRI has issued a call for motor carriers and owner-operators to participate in new ATRI data collection on the consequences of driver detention in the trucking industry.

Driver detention – time spent waiting at shipper or receiver facilities outside of loading/unloading – is a longstanding issue in the trucking industry. Accordingly, ATRI’s RAC identified the need for new research to document the widespread negative consequences of driver detention for carriers, truck drivers, shippers, and the economy as a whole.

ATRI will release two additional surveys as a part of this research, one for company drivers, which will open just before the Mid-America Trucking show in March and one for shippers/receivers later this year. 

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Did you know?

In 2023 ATRI published nine studies addressing many of the industry's most critical issues.

  1. Top 100 Truck Bottlenecks - 2023
  2. Issues and Opportunities with Driver-Facing Cameras
  3. Impacts of Marijuana Legalization on the Trucking Industry
  4. An Analysis of the Operational Costs of Trucking Update
  5. Membership Counts: Associations with Safety
  6. Critical Issues in the Trucking Industry
  7. Cost of Congestion to the Trucking Indsutry Update
  8. Causes and Countermeasures of Predatory Towing
  9. Is California Ready for an Electric Vehicle Future?

All of ATRI's research, including the nine studies listed above, are available as a free download by visiting ATRI's website at

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ATRI Team Talks Trucking

ATRI SVP Daniel Murray joins the Smart Eye podcast to discuss the future of fleet safety technologies, ADAS and Phase 2 of the Techcelerate Now project. Listen to the podcast by clicking image above.

ATRI Research Associate Alex Leslie joins Jason Cannon and Matt Cole at Commercial Carrier Journal to discuss ATRI's latest research on predatory truck towing. Click image above to watch video.

ATRI President Rebecca Brewster joins Rick and Dave on BCB Live to talk about the importance of ATRI's research and a few things on the Trucking Research horizon in 2024. Click image above to watch video.

ATRI Research Analyst Abbigail Huffman joins Landline Now to discuss one of ATRI's latest surveys on the challenges faced by women drivers in the trucking industry. Click image above to listen to the podcast.

Upcoming opportunities to hear the ATRI team talk about the latest research:

  • February 14: National Association of Presort Mailers, St. Petersberg, FL - Rebecca Brewster

  • February 21 at 2 p.m. ET, Women in Motion Empowering Women Webinar - Rebecca Brewster

  • February 19-21: NATSO Connect, Orlando, FL - Dan Murray

  • February 25-28: New Hampshire Motor Truck Association Winter Conference, Miami, FL - Rebecca Brewster

  • March 4-7: ATA's TMC Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA - Dan Murray and Carla Rose

  • March 4-5: Food Shippers of America Annual Conference, Orlando, FL - Rebecca Brewster

  • March 18-19: 2024 Tri-State Safety Summit, South Sioux City, NE - Alex Leslie
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