ATRInsider November 2022 | Vol. 18 Issue 5
ATRI Reveals List of Top Trucking Issues
ATRI released the 18th annual Top Industry Issues results at ATA’s Management Conference and Exhibition during the “Big Reveal” panel held October 22, 2022. The panel featured ATRI President Rebecca Brewster as moderator along with panelists Dennis Dellinger, Cargo Transporters President, Hayden Cardiff, Idelic CEO & Founder, and Dee Sova, professional driver for Prime Inc. and an America’s Road Team Captain. The Top Industry Issues report identified a number of the industry’s key concerns including fuel prices, the driver shortage, truck parking, driver compensation, the economy and for the first time, speed limiters.
ATRI's Top Industry Issues report presents the overall industry results and provides an analysis of how motor carriers and professional drivers separately rank the issues.
 A copy of the full report is available from ATRI’s website.
Derek Leathers Appointed to ATRI Chairmanship
Derek Leathers, Werner Enterprises Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer has been named ATRI Chairman of the Board. Derek succeeds Judy McReynolds, ArcBest Corporation Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, who is completing eight years of service as ATRI Chair. Derek was first appointed to the ATRI Board of Directors in October 2015 and will now chair the Board comprised of 13 trucking industry CEOs.
“Derek has been a strong supporter of ATRI’s research in his years of service on our Board and is well-respected throughout the industry,” said ATRI President Rebecca Brewster. “We look forward to his tenure as ATRI Chair.”
"Derek is the perfect choice to continue ATRI’s leadership in advancing the industry’s safety and productivity,” remarked ATA President and CEO Chris Spear.

A complete listing of the ATRI Board of Directors is available here.
ATRI Recognizes Outgoing Board Chair, Judy McReynolds
At the ATRI Board of Directors Meeting held October 23, 2022, outgoing Board Chair Judy McReynolds was recognized for her eight years of service as ATRI Chair and 12 years of service as a board member.

“Judy has led ATRI through tremendous growth over her tenure as Chair, including nearly 50 percent growth in annual charitable contributions to support ATRI’s work on behalf of the industry,” said ATRI President Rebecca Brewster. “Last year Judy led the celebration of ATRI’s 20 years of research excellence and I think we can all agree that our industry has greatly benefitted from her leadership of ATRI. I sincerely appreciate her continued support of me and the ATRI team.”
In acknowledging McReynolds’ tenure as chairman, ATA President Chris Spear said, “Under Judy’s leadership, ATRI’s research has gained worldwide recognition for its objective analyses of key industry issues on topics ranging from litigation research, the truck parking shortage, congestion, highway funding and the environment.”
Chris Spear and Rebecca Brewster jointly made a charitable contribution to ATRI in honor of Judy’s service as ATRI Chair.  
ATRI’s Latest Crash Predictor Model Corroborates Strong Role of Driver Behaviors to Future Truck Crashes
ATRI has released the 2022 update to its well-known Truck Crash Predictor Model. ATRI’s Crash Predictor research, originally published in 2005 with updates in 2011 and 2018, designed and tested a predictive model that identified statistically significant relationships between truck driver safety behaviors and future crash probability. The new 2022 report uses the same statistical methods, and is based on more than 580,000 individual truck driver records.
ATRI’s analysis identified more than 25 different violations and convictions that increased the likelihood of future crashes, five of which increased future crash likelihood by over 100 percent. Simply having a previous crash increased a truck driver’s probability of having a future crash by 113 percent, 28.4 percent higher than previous ATRI Crash Predictor reports.
Five behaviors have consistently been strong indicators of future crash involvement across three or more reports, including a Reckless Driving violation, Failure to Use / Improper Signal conviction, a prior crash, Failure to Yield Right-of-Way violation, and an Improper or Erratic Lane Changes conviction.
The 2022 Crash Predictor update includes several new analyses, including a safety comparison between 18-20 year old truck drivers and those older than 24 years. The report also revisits the safety of male versus female truck drivers, with female drivers continuing to be safer than their male counterparts. 
Finally, the report includes an updated list of the 10 Top Tier States for truck safety, ranked by the relationship between traffic enforcement inspections and crashes. Washington State was the top-ranked state, followed by Indiana, New Mexico, Arizona and Massachusetts.

A full copy of the report is available through ATRI’s website here.
ATRI's Dan Murray Recognized as Thomas Ruke Fellow
On October 5th during the 10th Annual Motor Carrier Insurance Education Foundation (MCIEF) conference in Orlando, ATRI Senior Vice President Dan Murray was unanimously selected by the MCIEF Board of Directors as one of the initial four recipients of the special honor and recognition as a Thomas Ruke Fellow.

“The inaugural Thomas Ruke Fellow inductees represent a broad spectrum of enduring excellence and superior accomplishments from across the industry," says Tommy Ruke, Founder & Education Director of MCIEF.

In honor of MCIEF Founder and Education Director Tommy Ruke, the designation of Thomas Ruke Fellow recognizes MCIEF's most dedicated teaching fellows and now awards the designation recipients with lifetime rights to all MCIEF activities.
Please join us in thanking the latest individuals and organizations to support ATRI’s research with a charitable contribution. To add your name to this list of industry leaders, click here.
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Werner Enterprises
Chris Spear in honor of Judy McReynolds
Rebecca Brewster in honor of Judy McReynolds
ATRI Team Talks Trucking
Rebecca Brewster joins Dennis Dellinger, President of Cargo Transporters, and FleetOwner to discuss the Top Industry Issues released last month - click image to watch.
Alex Leslie joins Life by the Mile to discuss one of ATRI's latest releases on reaching and attracting the next generation of truck drivers to the industry - click image to watch.
Rebecca Brewster joins the Litigation Psychology Podcast to discuss ATRI's latest research - click image to watch.
Visit the ATRI Team at Upcoming Industry Meetings
If you’ll be attending either of these upcoming events, be sure to stop by the ATRI booth to meet with our team and pick up copies of our latest research. 

  • November 13-16 Women in Trucking Accelerate Conference, booth #706

  • January 8-12 Transportation Research Board 102nd Annual Meeting, booth #1034
Upcoming opportunities to hear the ATRI team talk about the latest research:
  • November 9  Southeastern ITS Logistics Summit, Atlanta, GA - Rebecca Brewster

  • November 9 Women in the Supply Chain Forum, Atlanta, GA - Rebecca Brewster

  • November 10 at 9am ET, ATRI on the Air on the Nemo Show, SiriusXM Ch. 146 – Rebecca Brewster

  • November 13-16 Women in Trucking Accelerate! Conference, Dallas, TX - Carla Rose, Alexandra Shirk, Abbigail Markus and Dan Murray

  • November 15-16 ISAAC User Conference, Montreal, QC - Rebecca Brewster

  • November 17 Hylant's Transportation & Logistics workshop, Perrysburg, OH - Dan Murray 
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