Zebra Dans, The Can! - A Story about Friendship, Tell Spotlight 2018
Showcase Applications Due May 2!
Only 1 more week to submit your application for Showcase 2020!

IPAY seeks tour-ready productions for full-length Showcase opportunities and excerpts fo r Show &  Tell Spotlights. All official programming during the IPAY Showcase conference is adjudicated through the open-call  Selection Process.

Applications will be accepted until 11:59 PM EST on May 2, 2019.
Fees apply. IPAY Members receive $50 discount.

Beyond Sacred: Voices of Muslim Identities, 
Ping Chong + Company,  Showcase 2018 
The Round Trip, Teatro de Ocasion
Showcase 2018

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Selection Criteria Explained...

The Selection Committee makes its choices based upon the following criteria.
  • The production shows a high degree of artistry within the genre and specific to intended age group. The work demonstrates an overall artistic rationale with regard to form, direction, music, choreography, design, technical aspects and casting.
  • The production successfully communicates to and is engaging to young audiences/families relevant to the intended age range.
  • The work is created and performed by professionals.
  • The work is innovative, relevant, reflective of our communities, and appropriate for youth, young adult or family audiences.
  • The production will be evaluated in consideration of its ability to tour, its marketability, and its educational merit.
  • The above considerations will be used to evaluate all productions within the context of the individual application pool as well as the international touring market at large.
  • Consideration will also be given to the overall balance within all productions selected to Showcase in order to reflect and accommodate diversity in aesthetics, content, audience, age range, genre, scale (audience capacity), and geographic point of origin.

A Letter for Elena , Le Petit Théâtre de Sherbrooke and La [Parenthèse]- Christophe Garcia, Canada and France, Showcase 2019
What are artists saying about their Showcase experience?

Maybe Together was selected for a Tell Spotlight in Showcase 2019.

Small Voices Louder workshop
"In January 2019 I was fortunate enough to attend my first IPAY 
and present a workshop for SPARK and pi tch one of my works: Small Voices Louder. I had a really remarkable time being allowed to share my practice with an international collegiate of artists and presenters. I think more than anything I'd say the experience was extremely validating. I was reminded that my work was important. That children's voices are important. That I should keep doing what I'm doing, despite how hard it can be. 

There are few opportunities where I get to talk about young people's theatre with those that already recognise its importance. So often I have to advocate what I do to schools, arts industries, funding bodies etc. The sense of community, love, support, validation and buoying that is at IPAY is what I take the most. 
Thank you IPAY. Look forward to being there again in the future."

- Alex Desebrock, Maybe Together, Australia

SPARK Pre-Conference workshop about Small Voices Louder, a project of Maybe Together | images by Kate Raines
Support Artistic Development!

Hear about the impact of the Colleen Toohey Porter Residency directly from 2018-2019 Resident Mélissa Smith!

Since beginning her two-year residency with IPAY, Mélissa began touring her original work, 
The Magician's Assistant, and joined the musical group, 
Bee Parks and the Hornets, who will be touring the East Coast this summer!

give back to the next generation!

The Magician's Assistant images by Nicki Ishmael
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