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August 2019
Delaying IRA distributions could have consequences.

In the pursuit of retirement savings, individuals often strive toward maximum "pre-tax" retirement plan contributions and delay of traditional IRA distributions.

However, for some taxpayers, this strategy could result in more taxes than expected...
CDs & Deferred Annuities Address Different Financial Needs

Saving for future goals is not easy. Hopefully, I can help explain the differences between two commonly used tools: Certificates of Deposit (CDs) and Deferred Annuities (DAs).
An interview with the Accounting Professor: "Don't dilute shareholders."

Recently Albert Meyer of Bastiat Capital was interviewed on the Meb Faber Show where thought leaders in the world of business, economics, and finance share their views. Listen in...
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Roth IRAs offer a trade-off. You decide to pay taxes now on your contribution in exchange for tax-free earnings down the road.

Use caution when you take a distribution and know the  s ix rules to make sure money comes out of your Roth IRA...
Roth IRA Rules to Know 
CAUTION! No Rollover for Non-spouse Beneficiaries

Did you inherit an IRA from someone who is NOT your spouse? If you inherited from a sibling or a parent or a friend, you will want to proceed with caution.

A  wrong move can result in disastrous consequences, so take your time and do it right.
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