My Fellow ESCA Members & Industry Friends, 

It is said that “we rise by lifting others” and as Diana, Dustin and I firmly believe, the ESCA community is certainly a great example of that statement.  

The ESCA Summer Educational Conference (SEC ) is this June in Santa Fe, NM and with that comes many wonderful opportunities. One of the more underrated opportunities is the charitable aspect to our conference. The contributions and selfless acts from our members benefit each of us that attend. However, it’s those that are most likely not attending I want to address.  
The Dennis Hale Memorial Scholarship Fund contributes thousands of dollars annually to our industry’s future; the education of our youth. These young adults continue to face rising costs and significant debt seeking a higher education. This is where ESCA and its members can assist. 
We’re going to ask our members once again, both attending and non-attending, to contribute to the SEC Silent Auction which benefits the aforementioned Scholarship Fund. It’s a simple process that so many have selflessly given to in past years and one that helps create a fun environment at the event. Here’s how to help:

  1. Use the Silent Auction Donation Form to notify us of your intent to donate and the description of the donation item.
  2. Purchase said donation and either bring it with you to the Summer Educational Conference or ship it to yourself at the hotel. (Inn at Loretto, ATTN: ESCA SEC, 211 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87501).
  3. Feel great about your contribution!

We really hope to see you next month at the Summer Educational Conference and thank you in advance if you are able to contribute to the Silent Auction. We promise this scholarship donation will ‘lift others’ as they navigate their way into our industry.
Best regards,

Mark Staples, ESCA Board of Directors

Diana Gonzalez, ESCA Board of Directors

Dustin Blaine, ESCA Board of Directors