The Town Board will take public comments on a proposed revision to the Town ATV/UTV Routes ordinance at its September 13 meeting starting at 6:30pm in the Community Center. 

The revision will result in sections of Highways 70 and 155 through the downtown area being approved for ATV/UTV use following the speed limit in that area being reduced from 40 to 35 mph. 

In lieu of attending the meeting, written comments may be submitted to the Town Clerk at either P. O. Box 7, St. Germain or by email to Written comments must be received by the Clerk no later than 5:00pm, Friday, September 10.


The Town skateboard park located near the tennis courts in the vicinity of the Town Shop was built many years ago, primarily with donated funds, materials and labor. It has recently fallen into disrepair from age and being well used.

A group of young skateboard enthusiasts in the Town has taken it upon themselves to raise funds to help offset the cost of a new skateboard park; those funds currently total $3,175.19.

The Town Board has designated the proximity of the now removed Red Brick Schoolhouse as the location for a new recreation area to include a replacement skateboard park. The Town Parks and Recreation Committee is in the early stages of planning that development.

The Town Board, on behalf of all St. Germain residents and visitors, accepts this generous donation and sincerely thanks these young citizens for their efforts to help bring a new skateboard park to reality. The $3,175.19, along with any future skateboard park monetary donations, will be placed in a “Skateboard Park” account where it will remain until the Town is able to implement a development plan to be brought forth by the Parks and Recreation Committee.
This message provided by the St. Germain Town Board of Supervisors