Tomorrow, October 20th early voting begins for an historic Austin election that has gained national attention. For the first time, Austinites will have the opportunity to engage in an election process that can bring meaningful results to their local communities.

City Council Endorsements

An endorsement from the Austin Texas Tea Party does not come easy. Each candidate seeking our endorsement must go through a rigorous vetting process, implement our recommended campaign tools and services, complete the ATXTP Questionnaire and sign the CTRN Tax Relief NOW Pledge. Only two Austin city council candidates have successful completed that process to our satisfaction: In completing the ATXTP Questionnaire these candidates have pledged their support for our founding American principles such as Free Markets, Limited Government and Personal Responsibility.

In signing the non-partisan CTRN Tax Relief NOW Pledge, they are promising to take immediate steps toward reducing the massive tax burden placed on the citizens of Austin. This is a pledge that is supported by a diverse, conservative and liberal, coalition of Austin area organizations.

To view the candidates websites, completed questionnaires, signed pledges and candidate videos, go to the Austin Texas Tea Party Candidates page.


Here are our candidate recommendations for several other districts and mayor:
These are not endorsements as these candidates have not successfully completed our endorsement process but instead are candidates we like and you should closely consider when making you decisions. 

Proposition 1 (Light Rail)

Caution, there will be several Proposition 1s on the ballot. We recommend voting NO on the Austin Proposition 1. This is just another boondoggle thought up by our current corrupt and mismanaged city council.  There are so many bad things about this proposition even most progressive city council candidates are against it. To get all of the facts go to Citizens Against Rail Tax


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The Austin Texas Tea Party


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