The AUC Press e-Newsletter ~ October 2018

Intellectual, writer, economist, and professor

The AUC Press is deeply saddened by the passing of Galal Amin, one of Egypt’s most prominent economists and a prolific writer and commentator, author of several books and multiple newspaper columns. Among his most influential books are Whatever Happened to the Egyptians? (AUC Press, 2000), Whatever Else Happened to the Egyptians? (AUC Press, 2003), and Egypt in the Era of Hosni Mubarak, 1981–2011 (AUC Press, 2011).

Amin graduated from Cairo University in 1955 with a law degree before studying economics at the London School of Economics, where he obtained his PhD in 1964. He taught at Egypt’s Ain Shams University and then, for over forty years, at the American University in Cairo’s department of economics, where he was named Professor Emeritus in recognition of his outstanding academic achievements.

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Based in Egypt for many years now, David Sims is an independent consultant specialized in urban development and habitat. He has worked in a number of Middle Eastern and North African countries, as well as elsewhere in Africa and Asia.
He is the author of Understanding Cairo: The Logic of a City Out of Control (AUC Press, paperback edition 2012) and Egypt’s Desert Dreams: Development or Disaster? —now out in paperback (AUC Press, 2018).

In his Seven Answers, he tells us what grabs him about Egypt's urban development. Read more
Early last month, we asked followers on Facebook what they thought of the AUC Press Fall 2018 catalog cover?

Among the various comments, someone wrote, “It looks like a movie poster rather than a press catalog.” This image is in fact from the film poster for Maw‘id ‘ala-‘asha’ (Arabic: موعد على العشاء‎, English: Dinner Date), a 1981 Egyptian romantic movie, starring Su‘ad Husni, Hussein Fahmi, and Ahmad Zaki.

It is also the cover image of our forthcoming Classic Egyptian Movies: 101 Must-See Films by Sameh Fathy, which will be out just in time for the Holiday Season!

By Caroline Williams
This new, fully revised edition of a popular and handy guide continues to walk the visitor around more than two hundred of the city’s most interesting Islamic monuments. It also keeps pace with recent restoration initiatives and newly opened monuments.

“Anyone interested in knowing more about Cairo’s Islamic architecture should pick up the excellent Islamic Monuments in Cairo: The Practical Guide .”— Lonely Planet: Cairo , 1998

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Co-author Lesley Lababidi takes us through her journey of compiling A Field Guide to the Street Names of Central Cairo , showing us how this complex encyclopedic guide to over 600 street names took shape in ways both expected and unexpected. Read more .


“[A]nything but ordinary . . . rekindles memories and brings to life the forgotten streets, lanes, alleys, and passageways of Central Cairo,” writes Lisa Kaaki in her review of A Field Guide to The Street Names of Central Cairo by Humphrey Davies and Lesley Lababidi (AUC Press, 2018)
Arab News , September 26

Book review of Ruqaya Izzidien’s debut novel, The Watermelon Boys (Hoopoe, 2018)
Peter Gordon, Asian Review of Books , September 16

“The author forces the reader to confront the impact of European intervention in the Middle East,” writes Rupert Hawksley in a review of The Watermelon Boys by Ruqaya Izzidien (Hoopoe, 2018)
Rupert Hawksley, The National , September 3
Book review and interview with Rana Haddad, author of The Unexpected Love Objects of Dunya Noor (Hoopoe, 2018)
Qinesta , September