You will not find this information anywhere else. Median sale price of homes by Zip Code and City. Data from MLS. Prepared by TOBIN SEVEN, Principal Broker / Army Veteran.
Quick summary of MARYLAND housing market. Median home price appreciation in past 12 months is 12.5% Unbelievable. MARYLAND is outperforming both VIRGINIA and DC in home price appreciation. Why? Home prices in DC were already very high and NORTHERN VIRGINIA is more expensive then MARYLAND---many people who work in NORTHERN VIRGINIA are choosing to make the commute from MARYLAND to work in NORTHERN VIRGINIA. You can see evidence of this on the freeways leading from and into MARYLAND to NORTHERN VIRGINIA.
TOBIN SEVEN, Principal Broker, Army Veteran.
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Below, are links to useful Housing information. For DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia).

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Tobin's note: You would have to save $4,167 a month ($50,000 total) to buy same home you saw 12 months ago. 12.5% annual increase. Note---we are not seeing any slow down in the MARYLAND housing market.

Why wait to buy? See statistics below that confirm the $50,000 increase in median home price in past 12 months
See chart below:
MARYLAND (see below). Number of Homes for sale is at a historic low.
See "gold" and "orange" dials below. SUMMARY: SELLER's Market.

See chart below. 1st time in many years that home sales are down from previous year. Reason---there are fewer homes on the market.
See chart below. Median sold price is up 12.5% in past 12 months. WOW!! If you are going to buy in Maryland---better not wait. I don't know of any other investment that you can live in---write off the home interest expense---and see appreciation of 12.5%.
See chart below. This chart answers question as to how rising interest rates increase your monthly mortgage payment.
See chart below---by Zip Code and Corresponding City
The 75 zip codes/communities in MARYLAND saw a 12.5% increase in home sale median values in past 12 months, Median price of homes went UP from $400,000 to $450,000. Housing market is NOT slowing down.

Note, median home values that went up or down by 30%+ are shown in red.
Past monthly, Housing statistics for Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC can be found at: Archive goes back several years.

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