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News Flash 

Sunday 6th August 2017 

Manitzky Park - A Jewel of a Site

From this, in 2014...

To this, in 2017

Situated at the end of Manitzky Rd, North Tamborine, the Manitzky Park Landcare regeneration site runs parallel to Witches Falls National Park, Queensland's first National Park. It is therefore perfectly located as a wildlife corridor.

Work began in April 2014, when a team of volunteers led by Caroline and Glen Edwards began clearing lantana in preparation for the first planting of species specific to Tamborine Mountain. Natural regeneration soon followed, with various trees, vines and ground covers. Three years later, a canopy has formed, attracting numerous birds and providing shade for the walking track. This path circles the site, crossing the seasonal Fenwick Creek which then trickles down to join Witches Falls.

Why not take a walk down the track and see the evidence of successful regeneration? Cross the grassed area and head towards the Landcare sign to locate the entrance. Keep an eye out for some of the local residents such as tawny frogmouths, bower birds and occasionally a koala.

Manitzky Park holds many such nice surprises. If you'd like to join the working bees, you'd be made very welcome. The team meets from 8-10am on the second Saturday of the month. It's a beautiful setting and the work isn't hard. As Caroline and Glen note, "The results that can be achieved in a short time are amazing."

Below - a tawny frogmouth at the site.

Contractor Profile: Damien Draper   

Damien is the longest-serving of our three current contractors, who do the "heavy lifting" that is beyond the capacity of our volunteers. He has been working with TM Landcare for almost 10 years and is a most valuable member of our team of rainforest regenerators. During that time he has worked to establish the forests on most of our reserves, tackling hectares of lantana and planting thousands of trees. Damien is also responsible for the ongoing maintenance of these sites. In addition, he has built most of the boardwalks, bridges and picnic tables in our reserves, as well as the great tracks through the sites now used by many locals.

As Damien observed recently, "It was about 20 years ago that I attended my first Bushcare working bee.  Instantly infected, not a cure in sight! Finally I had found something that gave back rather than took away. Since then I have volunteered for Habitat Brisbane, worked for Conservation Volunteers Australia, and am now working for myself as Red Belly Bushcare. I am very fortunate to work on Tamborine Mountain with Landcare and the Council. It's been very rewarding to see the great results achieved."

Thanks, Damien - we're grateful and feel fortunate to have benefited from your services through the years.
A Celebration of Our Trees -
National Tree Day 2017  
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Mountain residents and visitors alike appreciate our forests, and our native fauna find food and homes there. Sunday 30th July was National Tree Day - an opportunity to celebrate our wealth of trees. About sixty people - some locals, others from as far away as Robina and Logan Village, came to the Tamborine Mountain Landcare Centre on Hartley Rd East to wander among the growing rainforest specimens and plant about 100 trees.

Young Scouts from Helensvale were particularly active in putting tubestock in the ground and giving them a good drink. A special focus of the morning was the planting of a line of heritage trees that were once sought after for their timber here on the mountain.

The morning culminated with the planting by Raymond Curtis of a red cedar, whose shade will eventually grace the newly constructed workshop area. This event honoured Raymond's donation of part of the proceeds from his volume of poems, The View Westward. This book was recently published with the help of the Calanthe poetry group, who presented a cheque for $750 to Tamborine Mountain Landcare. The morning's activities concluded with morning tea.
New volunteers always welcome! 
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.. whether you would like to be part of our friendly regeneration teams or would like to lend a hand at the bookshop. No experience is necessary.

Contact our president,
Judith Roland, on 5545 2052 / 0429 808 206 /

And if you have questions or suggestions, Judith is always keen to listen and talk about Landcare matters. 





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