Welcome Back Bobcat Nation Families!

I hope that all of you had a relaxing summer break with a chance to  connect 
with family and friends.

The 2019-2010 school year is underway, and students and staff are already 
working hard. Along with our strong academic programs: athletics, fine arts, 
and clubs are in 
full swing and have begun their preparations for the school year. Please contact 
us  for information on any extra-curricular programs that your child may be 
interested in joining.

I would like to introduce some of our staff in order to offer assistance to you 
and your child for the 19/20 school year.

Assistant Principals: 
Kelly Hadden,  - Grades 10-12, A - L, 400 Building: Athletics, Fine Arts, Clubs, 
Stephanie Magnuson- Grades 10 -12, M - Z, 500 Building: Upper Level Curriculum/Instruction 
Dean Nourse - Freshman Academy, 300 Building: Freshman 
Curriculum/Instruction, Special Education

Counseling Department Secretary:
Liz Taggart (879-2878, )

Eric Boxley (879-2854,
Rebecca Carrier (879-1825,
Colette Alvarado (879-2904,
Sylvia Lewandowski (879-2817,
Sheri Mitzel (879-2868,
John Tritz (879-1843,
Dainah Graham (Bobcat Scholar Academy, 879-2819, 
School Resource Officer:  
Deputy William Farmer (879-2800,

Lead Security: Ron Burton (879-1837, )

In closing, please keep partner with us by staying up to date with your 
bobcat's academics by using all of the parent resource tools found on the 
can  get connected into power school, learn about free tutoring in Math and English 
and other access other helpful resources to assist you in being fully involved in your bobcat's academic success.. It is imperative that all of our students start the 
school year strong to carry them through the entire school year.

As we head into the new school year, we thank you in advance for all you do 
to make Cienega one of the top A+ high schools in the state of Arizona. We 
are excited that you and your family chose to allow our Bobcat staff to serve you.
We are Bobcat Nation.

Kim Middleton

At CHS, we work to help our students make better decisions so students keep safe. CHS School Resource Officer Deputy William Farmer led our first freshman assembly on August 6th, with a presentation and discussion on the legal implications of vaping and social media posts of sexually explicit messages and photos. Cienega parents heard this presentation at our July Freshman Parent Boot Camp and many requested their freshmen students be exposed to this relevant and important information. In response to these requests, CHS organized the freshman assembly. Parent permission was required to attend.

Scientific research!? With the guidance of a mentor? YES PLEASE! If you or your student are considering pursuing a degree or career in science then they should do a research project. The project should be done with the goal of competing in SARSEF, the regional science fair, but that doesn't have to be the main reason. The experience of the process with the help of a science mentor is the perfect preparation for college. If you would like more information subscribe to this schoology class with the code VC4X-HRP9-CBJ62 or contact Mrs. Lisa Baker at or 520-879-2813.
                               SARSEF participants from February 2019.


Welcome to the 2019-20 School Year. The counselors are excited to guide your students through a successful year. Welcome Class of 2023 to Bobcat Nation!
Here are some important things to focus on for the month of August:
  • Class of 2023: Make a Commitment to Graduate to your Future
    • Establish a relationship with your counselor. Check your schedule to identify who your counselor is. We are here to assist you with your academics, college and career planning, and social/emotional support.
    • Focus on your academics and give forth the effort to excel in every class.
    • Get involved - We have many opportunities for all students to be involved in a club or a sport. We have academic teams, service clubs, athletics or something just for fun.
  • Class of 2022: Focus on the Goal
    • Concentrate on your academics and start thinking about what comes after graduation.
    • Make an appointment with your counselor to make sure you are  on track to the path of your future.
    • Update your portfolio on
    • Stay active in clubs or sports and start seeking out leadership roles.
  •  Class of 2021: Assess the Possibilities
    • Stay focused on academics. This is the year where your transcript  is the most important. Colleges will be evaluating your 6th semester transcript to determine acceptances to their schools.
    • Make an appointment with your counselor to make sure you are  on track to the path of your future.
    • Update your portfolio on
    • Utilize test prep to prepare you for the PSAT, SAT and Act this year.
  •  Class of 2020: You are about to receive your Ticket to the Future in May!
    • Attend Senior Survivor Night on Tuesday, August 13th at 6:00 PM in the Student Union to learn about all things senior year  including Scholarships, college applications, SEP and graduation.
    • Make an appointment with your counselor to make sure you are  on track to the path of your future.
    • Create your account so you can send transcripts to colleges and universities. Check your email for instructions on how to do this.
    • Update your portfolio on
    • Register for the ACT and/or the SAT.
    • Begin applying to colleges and universities
    • Apply for scholarships using the Scholarship page on your Counselor Schoology site



This is a reminder to all RETURNING Bobcats.

If you took an AZMerit test on Cienega's campus during the Spring of 2019, and earned a score of Proficient and/or Highly Proficient in English or math, you will be eligible to be exempt from your English and/or math Fall Semester Final Exam.

Remember, in order to qualify for the exemption, you have to do 3 things:
1. Earn at least an 80% in your current English and/or math class
2. Have 8 or less absences in your English and/or math class
3. Earned the Proficient or Highly Proficient score with Cienega the previous year on your AZMerit test(s).

Further reminders to come!


Graphing Calculators are required fo r Cienega Math Students

CHS students are required to have their own  graphing calculator for math class.  The TI-84 Plus  is available for rent in the Cienega Bookstore for $30/ye ar.  Students can buy their own TI-8 4 Plus or TI-84Plus CE. The se   calculator s   are  widely available   at  retail stores and online. 


The Instrumental Music Program's Copper Thunder Marching Band enthusiastically started back at Band Camp on July 8   with 112 musicians including 34 new to the program and 13 members of the Color Guard, all of which are also musicians.  

Band Camp allows for preparations for the upcoming marching season including uniform fittings, team-building experiences, and learning new musical arrangements.  This culminated in a successful and entertaining courtyard performance.  Thank you to the 17 recent program HS graduates and 18 parents for the 590 volunteer hours put in in four days.  Our Orchestra program also participated in its first two day camp of their own, fine-tuning music and instruments and budding new relationships. 

We are so appreciative of the support of our Bobcat family; it was our honor to invite the CHS administration, staff, and volunteers to join our "campers" for lunch during camp and CHS registration.  A special thank you to our returning graduates who tirelessly worked over a hot grill to provide the hamburgers and hot dogs necessary to feed 220 students and adults!  

Their dedication to the program exemplifies their continuing Bobcat pride! We hope you are as excited as we are to see what these talented musicians, and all of our Bobcats, will do this year.  


Approaching College Admissions with Sanity
The start of a new school year in high school is exciting, but a new year can be a little stressful as well. The start of senior year can appear to be more stressful when you consider the additional tasks associated with the college admissions process. However, there are systematic steps that can be taken to alleviate a bit of stress and make the entire process smoother.
Create a Calendar
Your calendar may be an agenda, a wall calendar, a dry-erase calendar or some type of electronic calendar. You may even maintain multiple calendars. The type of calendar really doesn't matter. What matters most is that you denote important dates and deadlines and consult your calendar frequently! There will be deadlines for applications and scholarships and missing an important deadline could be costly.
Examine College Fit
While developing a list of potential colleges consider the following. Do the colleges on your list suit your academic and social needs? Do the colleges you're considering reflect values that are important to you? Really consider the college's faculty, programs and philosophies. Will the college's size and location work for you? For example, if you enjoy fewer crowds and a rural environment, perhaps a large urban campus will be somewhat daunting.
Prepare Your High School Resume
A high school resume is an important tool that you will need for completing college applications, or for providing background and personal information for your recommenders. Your high school resume should reflect your significant courses, activities, experiences, and awards. Consider what you have learned about yourself and others through your activities and experiences. Explain how you have contributed to your community. Identify any substantial responsibilities you may have taken on during high school. Remember to emphasize how you have grown from your experiences.
An example of a high school resume can be found on the Cienega web page at: . Check the counselor link, under student resources and "counselor recommendation packet". When requesting letters of recommendation, remember to allow at least two weeks when you request a letter from your counselor or anyone else.
Your College Application
Present yourself in as genuine a manner as possible. Ask yourself, does your college application reflect your unique personality, your strengths, your voice? Take the time to explain anything that can be viewed as a deficiency. Have a few others review your application and any essays before you submit them.
Freshmen, sophomores and juniors should review all of the above listed advice. Really think about the types of courses you are taking. Within reason, are you challenging yourself, trying new things (courses, clubs, sports and any other extracurricular activities)? Are you actively engaging with your school or local community? Are you making meaningful connections with others? Start working on being a well-rounded student now, because senior year is not the time to start building accomplishments for your high school career.

Dainah l. Graham M.S., M.Ed.
College and Career Counselor, Bobcat Scholar Academy 





Vail NJROTC Cadets successfully completed the Arizona JROTC Summer Leadership Camp held 28 to 31 May 2019.  Over 200 cadets from Navy, Marine Corps, Army and Air Force Arizona high school JROTC programs attended the annual camp at U.S. Army Base Fort Huachuca. 
The cadets were placed in various leadership scenarios and received training in self defense, land survival, and water survival.  They also competed the base Leadership Reaction Course and the base Obstacle Course.  

Four outstanding NJROTC cadets successfully completed the NJROTC Area 11 Leadership Academy, which was held 3 - 7 June 2019 at Moon Valley High School, Phoenix, AZ.  The main objective of the Leadership Academy is to return a highly motivated cadet to his or her unit who will take on a leadership role to supervise, organize and train other cadets.  Cadets from Nevada, California and Arizona NJROTC high schools attended.

Being straight-forward and trustworthy in all your interactions, relationships and thoughts.

                               ~ Welcome Back Bobcat Volunteers ~ 

Please COMPLETE or RENEW your online VOLUNTEER APPLICATION NOW at, to volunteer in any capacity at Cienega. Please remember it's a volunteer AND job application in one. Please list Cienega as your volunteer site. If it doesn't apply to a volunteer or a volunteer coach, please skip it and scroll down and click on next page. This needs to be done ANNUALLY. Questions, please contact me at (520) 879-2811 or Thank you! 

CatFRAT, our PTO (parent teacher organization) would like to thank those that attended our first ever CatFRAT Open House on July 30th! It was a smashing success! Thank YOU parents and community volunteers and staff for joining CatFRAT! We appreciate YOU!!! 

SEP Proposal Review
Cienega Administration/100 Building
Refreshments and coffee will be served :) 
Please contact Volunteer Coordinator Amy Burton to volunteer or for more details at 
Thank YOU for sharing your time and talents with Bobcat Nation! 



Thank you parents and  community
 for your support. We truly appreciate your involvement! 

Cienega High School





Cienega High School
Vision Statement
Cienega High School creates an educational environment utilizing partnerships among community, parents, and staff to assist students in maximizing their academic potential and promoting life-long learning.
Front Office - 879-2800     Attendance -  879-2803   
Bookstore - 879-2824 
Registrar - 879-2812

Health Office - 879-2810

Front Office/200 House   
Kim Middleton
Secretary - Chris Rich 

300 House
Assistant Principal
Dean Nourse

Secretary - Gianni Wanaka 

400 House/Athletics    
Assistant Principal 
Kelly Hadden
At hletic Director - Whitney Holland - 879-1813            
Secretary -  Sandi Morrison

500 House 
Assistant Principal 
Stephanie Magnuson
Secretary - Cassandra Bahrychuk 879-2874

600 House 
Special Education Secretary Patty McKnight 879-1804

700 Education Center/ Counseling Hub
Eric Boxley- 879-2854
Rebecca Carrier- 879-2854
Colette Alvardo- 879-2904
Sylvia Lewandowski- 
Sheri Mitzel- 879-2868
John Tritz- 879-1843
Daniah Graham- 879-2819
Bobcat Scholar Academy

Communications Coordinator:
Juanita Mari- 879-2815   
CHS website:                 


Aramark Food Services: 

District Office - 879-2000
Transportation - 879-2475

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