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August 2019 Newsletter

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Marty Gegner
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Most of us have been fortunate  at some point in our lives to have witnessed a scene in nature, heard a piece of music, or have seen a work of art that moved us to the depth of our being.  

Those precious moments, those abiding images, are called conscious dreams.  They have spoken to our soul.  These 
experiences have the potential to produce a powerful and spontaneous emotional charge, evoking new perceptions on both emotional and cognitive levels. 

When we explore the emotions of those moments deeply and honestly, amazing possibilities for insight and enlightenment occur. 

Those involuntary responses to images are our unconscious mind's way of triggering memories of how we became the person we are and what we can do to become the person we want to be! 

 Our soul is very clever, it wants us to live our llife to its fullest capacity in love, joy, and fulfillment.  It will do what it has to do to get our attention so we can do just that, and do it consciously

A Tarot card session, or a dream interpretation session can often provide insights and possibilities from a perspective we may not have had if we approached an issue or problem with the same old way of thinking.
New perspectives offer new ways of choosing outcomes.  
Call Marty to schedule a session at 703-608-1030

"Turn your wounds into Wisdom" - Oprah Winfrey

Ok Wise Women & Soul Sisters ... the 3rd time has to be the charm! 
Because of our unusual summer weather we've had to postpone our 'Cruise Around Round' 2 times!  However, we are giving it one more try on...
the SECOND Monday of the month, our usual monthly Soul Talk day 
Please arrive at 6:30 for a cast off time of 6:45 
There will be lots of fun catching up, zipping around the lake, playing in the water (for you more adventurous souls), fishing anyone?  Plus, plenty of tasties to nibble.  
When:  Monday, August 12 - $10
Where:  6401 Lendee Dr.,Nisswa, 56468
Our pontoon holds 10,   
please RSVP asap to reserve your seat!
Please arrive by 6:30 for a cast off time of 6:45
Bring something to share, I'll provide the beverages 
The Soul Speaks in Images SOUL
Using your Intuition for Personal and Spiritual Guidance 
We humans are visual, storytelling creatures; we always have been.  In our conversations we create scenes others can picture in their mind's eye as our story unfolds.  Just pay close attention the next time you are in a group setting and see how the different stories are expressed.   
Images speak to our depths in many forms, dreams being a primary example.  Other profound forms are art, music, scenes in nature and sources that many think of as unconventional, such as Tarot Cards.
Sometimes trying an unconventional approach can help us see things from another perspective instead of the same old way time after time.  Einstein defined insanity as "doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."  
For example, take one of the most famous pieces of art in the world, the Mona Lisa.  As you look at her expression and body language let your imagination create her story.
As you do that, study the details and take note of any emotions or thoughts that pop up no matter how strange they may seem at the time.   
Now, let your imagination go, If Mona could talk to you, what would she say?  How would you answer her?    
When you have done all that, ask yourself, "where have I felt this before?  What was going on then that is something like what I am going through now?  What is the common denominator?    
You will be surprised at what your Higher Self will reveal. 
"Change the way you look at things and the things  
you look at change"
No one is without perception bias - the question is how we can make that work for us instead of against us. The answer is that it's a choice.
Do you want to find something to criticize in yourself or someone else? You will.  Do you want to find the negative in a situation? You will.  Thoreau said that a fault-finder will find fault-even in paradise. You want to see the good in a person or a situation? You will. Do you wish you could see your life as filled with blessings and not 'bad luck'? You can.
We are creatures of habit, we will approach things the way we always have until we make the conscious effort to change or expand our way of thinking, our perceptions, in order to see new possibilities for personal evolution.  It often requires a totally different, often uncomfortable approach.  Pittman McGehee, an Episcopal priest and Jungian analyst says,    
"The place we are the most comfortable is the place  
we must leave"