February 6, 2020
AUMA recently submitted input to the Fair Deal Panel, convened by Premier Kenney last November to consult with Albertans on measures to secure a fair deal from the federal government for the Province.
We've released an updated version of our Questions and Answers on Alberta’s 2019-20 Budget report, which is based on questions posed by our members. We have received additional responses from several ministries.
The province has launched consultations on the Local Authorities Election Act, which governs elections for municipalities. AUMA continues to advocate that the Act enables fair, transparent, non-partisan local elections that meet the democratic standards our citizens expect.
AUMA, in collaboration with RMA and IAMA, have received funding from FCM to develop and deliver group learning cohorts in which participating municipalities will work together to build their asset management capacity.
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Municipal leaders are invited to register for AUMA’s spring Municipal Leaders’ Caucus, which will be held at the Westin Hotel in Edmonton on March 25 and 26.
The Municipal Government Board (MGB) has assumed responsibility for delivering Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) training to SDAB clerks and members. The MGB will be offering its spring round of training starting this month. For training dates and to register, click here .

Miistakis is hosting a wetlands data workshop for municipalities in the Bow River Basin. The workshop will include expert presentations and group discussions and will end with an effort to frame a strategy for securing municipally relevant wetlands data. The workshop is free for municipal personnel. For more information about the workshop and to register, please visit the Miistakis website.

Municipalities should make their voices heard during the Government of Alberta’s consultations for their upcoming 2020 budget! Access the online survey until February 7 at 4:30 p.m.
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