March 26, 2020
We've assembled information and links to business continuity and risk management resources for municipalities on our website . Appropriate resources will be added as they become available. The content may change as the situation evolves, so please keep checking back for updates and watch our social media accounts for announcements.
Trusted information sour ces
Below are a list of legitimate and valid resources about COVID-19 to help keep you properly informed. Please view the information contained in these links. They will be updated if there is a change in the status of the disease.

Collaboration tools to try, including webinar and conferenc e call resources
With many of our members choosing to work remotely right now, we recognize that alternatives to conventional meetings are necessary. Webinars and conference calls are both ideal tools to adapt to our current circumstances. The following list of resources will allow you to connect from anywhere.

  • For webinars, Readytalk is an easy-to-use communication tool.
  • For online meetings, gotomeeting is user-friendly and setup is simple. The administrator of the meeting can show the agenda package on screen for attendees to view and discuss. This option will allow you to facilitate a meeting quickly and easily.
  • Other meeting options include Convene, Zoom and Pragmatic Conference Phone Lines.
Online scamming activity has increased rapidly these last few days. Scammers are impersonating organizations providing COVID-19 updates. Methods have included attachments about government announcements, best practices, COVID-19 updates, and similar. We offer some steps you can take to be safer online.
911 and 811 call centres are overwhelmed with complaints about mass gatherings. AHS has developed an online form to help alleviate the volume of calls. Learn more.
AUMA, in conjunction with Wendlandt Crisis & Emergency Management, will be hosting a webinar at noon, Friday, March 27 to assist our members with their business continuity planning. Please access and download the business continuity planning documents from AUMA's special COVID-19 webpage prior to attending the webinar.
AUMA Employee Benefits is co-hosting a webinar with Sun Life to help explain our disability management programs on Wednesday, April 1 at 10 a.m. We will look at best practices to help you navigate the disability system more confidently, and you will also get the opportunity to ask questions. Register here .
Want to learn more about ecoroofs? This environmentally friendly alternative replaces conventional roofing with a layer of soil and vegetation. The Miistakis Institute, in partnership with the City of Edmonton, has created a website with comprehensive resources and information on implementing an ecoroof in Alberta.

Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) has available funding and is looking to partner with municipalities on wetland replacement projects; projects may include restoration of existing wetland or the construction of new wetland. More information can be found on the online Wetland Replacement Program factsheet. Contact the AEP by March 27 in order to apply for the 2020/2021 program.

The Recycling Council of Alberta hosted a full-day symposium on March 12 on waste-to-energy. The two-part symposium covered technologies in operation around the world and featured waste-to-energy companies currently operating in Alberta. To view the presentations, please visit the symposium website.

Why your municipality should hire an energy manager

Read the blog post about how energy management works.

Energy managers complete energy audits of municipal buildings, find energy and cost saving opportunities, and can help reduce your municipality’s greenhouse gas emissions by 5% through the Municipal Energy Manager Program.

Apply to the Municipal Energy Manager Program before April 30, 2020 to access two years of funding for the salary of an energy manager. Municipalities can still apply after April 30, but will only be able to access funding for the salary of an energy manager for one year.
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