March 12, 2020
As the April 1, 2020 deadline for Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks (ICFs) approaches, the three areas that members continue to ask about are completion, notification, and arbitration.
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AUMA Employee Benefits is co-hosting a webinar with Sun Life to help explain our disability management programs on Wednesday, April 1 at 10 a.m. We will look at best practices to help you navigate the disability system more confidently, and you will also get the opportunity to ask questions. Register here .

COVID-19 is creating anxiety around the world and having an impact in our workplaces. Many employers and employees have been contacting us with questions related to their health insurance coverage.

AUMA has developed a webpage intended to help employers answer the questions asked by their employees and leadership. It is intended as a quick first reference and provides links to credible sources for up-to-date information about COVID-19. It also includes considerations for travel and short-term disability coverage. 
Trusted information sour ces
Social media misinformation about COVID-19 is spreading faster than the virus. We have compiled a list of legitimate and valid resources to help keep you properly informed. Please view the information contained in these links. They will be updated if there is a change in the status of the disease.


On March 16, the Calgary Region Airshed Zone (CRAZ) is hosting a free forum entitled “Let’s Talk Air Quality” featuring expert presentations and a panel Q&A session. For more information and to register, please visit the  CRAZ website.
Save your municipality money by applying for the Municipal Energy Management Program

Learn more about energy management can save your municipality money and how to apply for the Municipal Energy Management Program at

Learn how energy management works by reading the blog post.

Contact the Action Centre staff to learn how you can partner with another municipality and get funding to hire an energy manager. You can also come chat with staff at the Action Centre booth at the upcoming RMA Convention and AUMA Municipal Leaders Caucus.

Effective immediately, School Authorities in Alberta can install solar on all schools within their jurisdiction, instead of only 30%. Read more about the changes to the Solar for Schools Program.
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