June 23, 2021
We invite you to take some time to view our online presentation and look back at what we were able to achieve together in 2020.
Caucus will consist of a one-day program that will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and the schedule and agenda will be the same at all locations. AUMA will adhere to the Chief Medical Officer of Health's COVID-19 guidelines.
Alberta Health Services is hosting a listening session to hear AUMA members’ concerns with emergency medical services. Learn more about the purpose of the session and register.
AUMA provided our EPR feedback to Alberta Environment and Parks in mid-May, highlighting what municipalities want to see in EPR programs. Read more about AUMA's submission.
Join hundreds of forward-looking Albertans by Zoom, including AUMA President Barry Morishita, for a morning of thought-provoking conversations about our province’s future on Saturday, June 26.
Don’t miss the opportunity to nominate a municipal leader in your community for a 2021 AUMA Award! Award nominations must be submitted by July 9.
  • Government motions regarding a provincial referendum on equalization and federal Senate vacancies
  • Stage 3 effective July 1
  • Spring 2021 Legislation Status

Learn about the preparation of roles and responsibilities for the emergency management team.
Our Energy Program team successfully procured wholesale natural gas for over 100 municipalities and community-related organizations. Learn how our energy aggregation process saves AUMA members money in several important ways.
Alberta Culture, Multiculturism & Status of Women is seeking your nominations! The Stars of Alberta Volunteer Awards recognize extraordinary Albertans whose volunteer efforts have contributed to the well-being of their community and fellow community members. Discover all the details and nominate your community’s special volunteers.
Join the Miistakis Institute and the Environmental Law Centre for a webinar from noon to 1 p.m. on Tuesday, June 29.
The session will showcase the renovated Community Conserve platform and four newly completed resources for municipalities:
  • Roadside Management for Pollinator Habitat in Alberta,
  • Municipal Planning and Environment Autonomy,
  • Environmental Reserves and Environmental Reserve Easements, and
  • Paying for Conservation: Municipal powers to generate revenue for conservation.
Alberta Dutch Elm Disease (DED) Awareness Week runs from June 22 to 28. The week highlights the importance of elm trees in our communities and landscapes, and helps raise public awareness about the disease’s destructiveness and things we can do to prevent it.
To help prevent DED:
  • Never transport or store elm firewood
  • Do not bring elm firewood into Alberta
  • Do not prune elm trees between April 1 to September 30.
For more information, please visit www.stopded.org.
Alberta Environment and Parks has begun transitioning from EAS OneStop to the new Digital Regulatory Assurance System (DRAS). DRAS went live on June 21, 2021. On June 14, 2021, EAS OneStop access had been terminated for both applicants and regulators. For more information about the transition and DRAS, please visit Digital Regulatory Assurance System.
Revealing opportunities
The Municipal Energy Manager program is popular. There is funding available for FIVE more new energy managers, each for a one-year term.

Here’s why Foothills County decided to participate in the program:

“Foothills County decided to hire a Municipal Energy Manager as the knowledgeable professional to lead and drive the County’s climate change mitigation and greenhouse gas reduction efforts, with the added benefits of operational cost savings and energy efficiency.” – Adeniyi Adeaga, Municipal Energy Manager, Foothills County

Foothills County is saving money and reducing their emissions with Adeniyi’s help, and you can too. By signing a Municipal Energy Manger Program Funding Agreement by August 3, 2021, you can receive up to 80 per cent of an energy manager’s salary covered for one year. Apply now.