May 27, 2021
  • Coal Policy Committee's first public update
  • Jobs Now program launched
  • Spring Legislation Status

Read the full update here.
Apply to sit on AUMA’s new Municipal Financial Health Working Group. This working group will provide input on the design of a framework of metrics to assess the financial health of Alberta’s municipal governments.
Women continue to be under-represented in public office at all levels of government. Check out these three ways you can encourage more women to get involved in local government, and find more resources to help support women in local government.

The June 30 deadline for submitting resolutions is approaching quickly. AUMA administration can provide feedback on whether the resolution meets the criteria set out in our resolutions policy. We can also connect you with a municipality who may be considering a similar resolution, to avoid duplication.

AUMA recently sent a letter to the provincial government, urging it to include local government representatives in the upcoming Coal Policy consultation. Read the letter and learn more about AUMA's position on the Coal Policy.

With the 2021 General Election quickly approaching, the conjoined issues of eligibility and residency arise more and more frequently.

We are excited to bring you a series of informational webinars designed to help you administer your employee benefits program. Learn more about the webinar and register for the session on June 2 or 9.
Electric car calculators and resources
Check out the Electric Vehicles Knowledge Guide! Learn more about best practices for deploying electric vehicles, and the various vehicle types available for rebates with this guide.
Compare average battery degradation over time for different vehicle makes and model years. Degradation is based on observed data, so newer model years will have shorter degradation lines.

Read how the City of Calgary and the City of Edmonton are transitioning their cities and municipal fleets to electric in their strategies.